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    Does anyone know where I can get a camera mount that can be mounted to a tree for filming hunts from a tree stand? a swing arm kind of mount that straps or screws into a tree is what im looking for. Does anyone use anything like this? Im looking to get better video on my bear hunts this year last year was pretty shaky trying to hold it with my hands the only thing I can find online is $800 there has to be something cheaper than that out there.

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    Check this out, from Cabelas. Have used it for two years doing the same thing your going to try. Love it...


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      camera tree arm

      geoff, do a google search for "camera tree arm" and you'll find a lot of options.

      Here are a couple i know that are popular with guys who hang out in trees all day:
      I have never used one, but the ones that strap around the tree will give you better results for leveling, etc.
      What camera are you using?
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