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  • compact digitals with remotes??

    Well I bought my wife a Rebel for christmas and now we are starting to read and learn how to take good pictures.
    I am wondering what kind of compact digital cameras are remote control compatible. Something that we can take hunting and use to really capture some good pics of the hunt. Getting tired of hitting the timer button and running into the picture, trying to get set in the 10 seconds it gives!!!!

    Any recomendations and reasons why would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Canon makes a remote that will control many of its dslr's. But it is about $400 for that set up. For compact cameras, I assume you mean point and shoots. I don't know of any remote for them. For the Rebel, it may be an option, but I am not sure. Aside from compatability, just a matter of whether it is worth the money. I would perfect my 10 second routine if I were you

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      There are other options. Canon makes the RC-1 infrared remote that works with their Rebel series cameras. Last I checked it was only $25. It's range is quite limited, but there are ways to extend it. Also there are radio controlled remote releases on eBay that will work with the Rebel. Less than $100.


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