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May 20 Wild Fire, Goldstream Valley, Fairbanks.

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  • May 20 Wild Fire, Goldstream Valley, Fairbanks.

    Just an hour ago I took some photographs of a nasty wild fire up in the hills along the Goldstream Valley just outside of downtown Fairbanks. The wind is blowing steady today and it's quite dry; not good for fighting such fires, but the BLM firefighters are hard at it as always.

    Scooping up water at the International Airport float pond, conveniently close to the fire.

    I sure hope no one lost their home and no one gets hurt in this fire.


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    Great pics Jim, I understand it is near old Murphy Dome Road, we could sure use some rain, been a dry spring...................!
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      Thanks for the pics. We have been watching this from Skyflight since about 4:30pm. I sure hope everyone is okay. It looked like it moved really fast for awhile.

      Thank you so much to the firefighters!!


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        Good capture on the pics. This is the part of Spring and Summer I hate, the fire season. Hope everyone is fine also.


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          Nice action stopped on the props of the plane.

          Are the locals helping fight the fire at all or standing back waiting for others...the pro' make it happen?
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