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An Outdoors Directory Photo Contest (sorta)

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  • An Outdoors Directory Photo Contest (sorta)

    Okay you guys...

    We have a pretty good bank of photos we can use for the site, but we are looking for some really special stuff to use in our mastheads. If you are interested in contributing, we would love to see what you've got. If you have a lot of stuff we can use, or are a commercial / semi-commercial photographer, we can talk about promoting you on the Our Photographers page. For the rest of you there is no compensation other than the satisfaction of seeing your image in the masthead. Keep in mind that the site has huge readership; we are the largest site on the Internet focused on the Alaska outdoors, and depending on the time of year, see up to 200,000 page-views a day. So there is huge exposure of your work here.

    Aspect ratios we need are as follows:

    Home Page: 960x285
    All other pages: 790x175

    Full sized images are best; we can crop as needed (unless you want to do that for us; don't forget to leave room for the text that has to float over the top of the image).

    We can also use images to support all the new content we are adding to the site. Best thing there is to just take a look at the rest of the site outside the forums. A great example is THIS PAGE. I have some images, but we do need more.

    So I don't get flooded with photos by email, it would be best if you could PM me with a link to wherever the images live online and I can download the ones we can use.

    Seriously, I really appreciate some of the fine work I see here in the photography forum, and I hope we can see some of it featured more prominently on the site.

    If you are not comfortable submitting pix under these terms, no problem. We appreciate your work anyway.

    Take care,

    Michael Strahan
    Site Owner
    Alaska Hunt Consultant
    1 (406) 662-1791

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