Anyone used new Redfield Rebel binoculars




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  • Anyone used new Redfield Rebel binoculars

    Anyone tried the new Redfield Rebel 10x42 binoculars ? Don't have the big dollars to invest in top end binoculars. Also thinking about Nikon monarch ATB. Looking for something under $300 for caribou hunt.


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    I looked at them in the store and they were OK. I ended up going with the Vortex Fury on close out, I think they are better. The Fury 8x32's were about $180. You might still be able to find the old Vortex Vipers on close out for $350 or so. The Monarchs are quite a bit nicer than the Redfields IMO.


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      My wife bought me a pair for my birthday last year. Not the pair I would have bought for myself, but don't want to hurt her feelings

      They are pretty good. I use them for moose hunting mainly and no complaints, fairly small, decent optics..If you find them for a good price i wouldnt hesitate, but Zeiss/Swaro quality glass, they are not (of course..).


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        I'm seeing the Redfield Rebel 10x42's for $140. I do think I will same a little longer and get the Nikon Monarch ATB's. Looks like they can be had for $220 or so.


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