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The new for 2011 Vortex Binoculars

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  • The new for 2011 Vortex Binoculars

    The new for 2011 Vortex Binoculars have started to arrive. Here is what we now have in stock:

    Kaibab HD 15x56 :

    From edge to edge. One end of the landscape to another. Nothing escapes your scouring eye. Scouring through the Kaibab HD 15x56 binocular, of course. Pushing the performance envelope as far as Vortex could, using the latest technologies available to use, the Kaibab HD offers the optical high performance needed to resolve every last detail of a landscape in search of game. Superior images. Stunning resolution and, of course, incredible power.

    Razor HD 8x42

    Razor 10x42 HD

    Razor HD 8.5x50

    Razor HD 10x50

    Razor HD 12x50

    Now's your chance. Take an in-depth look at what's next in the future of hunting binoculars. Reach for the pinnacle of high-performance optics with the Razor HD—completely redesigned for 2011. A touch of the buttery smooth focus wheel brings your trophy into focus as you scan the landscape. That's when you'll appreciate what carefully hand-selected prisms and premium HD (High Density) extra-low dispersion glass do for your view! You'll experience the ultimate in resolution and color fidelity...nothing less than astonishing...and glassing confidence in the critical low light of dawn and dusk. With the sleek, well-balanced Razor HD bino in your hand, you'll have the very best.

    Talon HD 8x42

    Talon HD 10x42

    The new Talon HD puts glassing of all kinds right at your fingertips with a sleek, ergonomic open-hinge design. Incredible HD extra-low dispersion glass delivers impressive resolution and color fidelity, resulting in High Definition images. Watch every move. Pick out every detail. Zero in on your trophy. The XR fully multi-coated lenses increase light transmission for maximum brightness and serve up every detail as though you were standing right there. In living color. Literally.

    Viper HD 6x32

    Viper HD 8x32

    Viper HD 8x42

    Viper HD 10x42

    Viper HD 10x50

    Viper HD 15x50

    The Viper HDs significantly step up their game in 2011 with HD (High Density) extra-low dispersion glass. One look is all you'll need to appreciate why the Viper is an award-winning bino. Add XR fully multi-coated lenses and you have a bino that delivers bright, crisp details with impressive resolution and color fidelity. Rugged, compact and lightweight—one of the lightest full-size binos available. It's no mystery why the Vipers are an award-winner, Vortex' Viper HD binoculars pack in all the features you need for a successful hunt. See what premium optics can do for you!

    Vortex VIP Warranty Makes a Very Important Promise to you!

    The VIP warranty is a Very Important Promise to you ... because you are a very important person to Vortex. Each Vortex product is built to last, and unconditionally guaranteed with our commitment to your absolute satisfaction.

    You can count on service under this VIP warranty ... it is:
    · Unlimited
    · Unconditional
    · Transferable

    VIP warranty works for you!
    At Vortex Optics, they want you to use and enjoy your optics with complete confidence ... that's why their warranty is so straightforward. Rest assured that if any Vortex Optics product should ever require service, Vortex will repair or replace the product absolutely free — no matter what the cause!
    · No warranty card to fill out.
    · No time limit on our promise.
    · No restrictions on coverage ... even if you transfer ownership of the product

    Quality optics combined with the finest Warranty available is why Vortex optics are being noticed all over. These binoculars are under priced compared to equal quality optics from other mfg's. IMO to find equal quality to the Razor's you'd have to look at a binocular offered by one of the European mfg's.

    Suggested Accessories:
    * MicroClean Cleaning Cloth
    * OpticClean Cleaning Fluid
    * MicroClean Deluxe Lens Pen
    * Vortex Bino Harness
    * Vortex Tripod Adapter

    Please feel free to give us a call to discuss which would best suit your needs.
    Doug @ Camera Land
    If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
    Thanks and have a great day,
    Camera Land

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