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Leupold Digital RX-IV Laser Rangefinder

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  • Leupold Digital RX-IV Laser Rangefinder

    As I think of near Christmas shopping deals I can purchase a Leupold Digital RX-IV Laser Rangefinder for about $375 the camo model, decent deal after checking the web. However in reviewing the past threads on the forum, it appears that some have reservations about Leupold's Digital RX series range finders. Any pro or cons out there that anyone wants to share?


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    When i was recently searching for a new rangefinder I had read many reviews. I also went to stores and held each one, inside the stores and outside. I will say I was not pleased with the quality of the glass in the Leupold rangefinders. Not too mention the fact that they advertise about 4 different ranges for it. Yeah, it might range a highly reflective target at 1000 yds, but some trees only at 800 and then if its a deer size target maybe 600 yds.
    Personally, if your going to spend the money, buy a Leica. The quality of the glass is outstanding. The 900, will range a moose at 900 yds. It will range tree lines at 980-990. It will range sheep at 700, considering you can hold steady. The reticle, is LED and lit, easy to use, easy to read. Not very busy in the reticle like the leupold. It may not be waterproof but it is still i feel one of the best rangefinders that kind of money could buy.
    You will be happy with the Lecia, Spend the few extra dollars. I am very pleased with mine.
    Just my 2 cents


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      Worth buying

      I bought a Leupold RX befor my spring bear hunt last year and loved every thing about it.. I must say the glass in it to me was just fine, but I havent spent the money on the more expensive glass either.
      The adjustments that it gives you for trajectory are priceless.
      I hunt mule deer in utah and a 60 degree angle up or down hill is the norm on the high alpine bucks.
      The only thing I was unhappy about is that I couldnt program it to my smoke poll..
      I bought the RX III when it first came out and befor they had the IV and the V on the market.. I figured the glass in it was every bit as good as the other low end range finders I was looking at for $250 so why not go with the new toy.. After all if it didnt work with the trajectory then I still had the true line of site..

      1 thing I have always wondered is why you need to range something past 600 yards? I dont shoot past that and if its a trophy I want I will go miles for it..
      Hope I was able to help.
      "Give someone a fish and you will feed them for a day. Show someone how to fish and they will just steal your fishing hole and catch more fish then you. Screw them, let them eat chicken!!"


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        It's not always that you need to range something 600 yds away as you still need to be able to range something 300 yds away in less than ideal conditions (i.e. fog, rain, etc.)


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          I had the RX IV and used it in the field all this past fall. I liked being able to get the cosign information and all. The only downside was that it would not pick up easily at distance (off trees, tundra, rocks, etc). I also have a Leica 1200 that gets much quicker hits but doesn't have the ability to factor in the angles. So I just keep my charts with me.

          Also, I shoot beyond 600 yards regularly. Perhaps not for big game, but there are other reasons to shoot.


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