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Pentax optics?

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  • Pentax optics?

    anyone have anything bad to say?

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    In the old forums there was a guy who had some problems with scratches on his lenses on the 10x43 DCF SP's. I have the 10x43 DCF SP's and think they are awesome glass. No problems for me. I have posted a lot about them. Try a search and you should pull up quite a bit. High end glass and half the price of the big three. I have never tried any of the low end Pentax glass but am happy with these high end binos. My next purchase will be the PF-65ED-A spotting scope. Pentax has been making glass for a long time and is known to make some of the best if not the best spotting scopes and eyepieces in the world. Check out some of the bird watcher and astronomers websites. Those guys are real picky about glass. You'll find lots of info.
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      good glass...

      I have been using a set of Pentax 10X42 binos for about 3 years. They retailed for $480 but were discontinued and I got them 1/2 off at Boondocks (they are a Pentax dealer). This set was the predecessor of the new Waterproof series, mine are only water resistant. However, I have not had a problem yet with any moisture getting into them.. They recently took a major fall and landed on a larger rock, bounced a couple of times, and everything stills functions without any glass damage. I believe them to extremely rugged and worth every cent.


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        i was the guy who has had the issues with the scratches in mine. Nice optics when they were new, but the coating IMO is not the best. I used the manufatures recomendations for cleaning them and had to send them back twice to get the lenses repaired. Didn't have the binos for about 2 months (Shipped fedex) and they charged me quite a bit of money to have them fixed (can't rememer the amount offhand now). Nice optics, but I won't buy another pair. I did go out and buy the Swarovski 10x42's and have had excellent luck with tem so far. they are abit heavy, but I got one of those nifty shoulder strap deals from sportsmans and it's the best thing ever for my binos and my neck. Coudln't justify the extra 500 bucks for the EL's in te swaros.
        My budy ad a pair of nikon binos on our caribou hunt this year and while they aren't quite as clear as mine they are extremley light and have very decent optics for the money. Found the same to be true in rangefinders.
        And he has had his for many years.
        just my .02


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          thanks guys!

          I have been tried out different name brands in optics - and have not had any real problems. I am currently looking at a pentax rifle scope. I have one leopold rifle scope and I dont like how hard it is to crank from 3 up to 9, other than that, I have good things to say about bushnell, nikon, simmons, but maybe I am not abusive enough on my equipment-


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            Do any of you have a specific recommendation of the 8x43 vs. the 10x43 in the Pentax DCF SP? I have used the 8x43 in the field, and liked them a lot, even after using several $1,200 - $1,800 Swaro and Leica binos too - these Pentax optics seem like a great value for the dollar.

            My old binos were Nikon 10x50s which were misaligned, and had water stains on the interior glass from previous immersion accidents - basically junk. With the old 10x50s, I was able to make pretty good use of them in spite of all the issues they had.

            Several folks who I talked to have suggested avoiding the 10x binos as they are of the opinion that they are shaky and hard to keep quiet in that regard. My sense is that the 10x43 would work just fine, but figured I would ask an opinion before dropping close to $500 on a set of my own.



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              8 vs 10 power.... I think it's personal preference and how your eyes react. I personally like my 10x43's. I like having the extra power. 8x's might be a little lighter but the 10's are only 25oz if I remember. lighter than the swaros, zeiss or leica, at least when I bought mine. Magnesium tubes and how the lenses are ground. 8's will probably gather more light in low conditions but again, the 10's work good for me.

              I don't think you would regret buying the 10's but if you buy the 8's you may always be wondering in the back of your mind "what if i had the 10's"....

              Also, you can screw on an L bracket to them if you want and mount them on a tripod.
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                Hey Snyd- thanks for the advice.

                Like I said, I never had a problem with bad 10x50s, I can't imagine a good quality 10x would be any harder on the eyes than a pair of cheap, misaligned binos with numerous defects.

                I have actually found a store that carries both here in my town, so I can look through both before making up my mind if I want. As these do cost a bit of money, I am not sure I feel too bad about doing that before I decide which I want.

                Thanks again!


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                  You should look thru both to be sure of which is best for you. A 10x will function best for you when mounted on a tripod (it does make a huge difference). The 8x will be easier to hand hold but as stated earlier, 10x does have the power advantage.
                  If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
                  Thanks and have a great day,
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                    I really like my 10x42 DCF HRII binos. Really good optics for the money IMO. Broke 'em in a fluke accident and had them repaired and returned at no cost to me (other than about $10 shipping to the states) in less than 3 weeks. Good customer service experience and I don't fault the optics for breaking. Repair went well, they are as good as new. I would buy them again. I think they are a little better than the similar priced Leuppys and Steiners. They are not Zeiss or Swarvski, but they are 1/3 the price and nice enough for me.


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                      I have no dog in this fight, I own and use Leica 10X42 geovids-simply the best.

                      Skirting the edge of this thread but.....
                      I was reading a Consumer Reports yesterday at the dentist and they rated smaller binos 8X for birding etc.

                      Oddly enought the Nikons got numero uno rated followed by the Zeiss glass, then Leica.
                      Pentax took a beating, coming in last if I'm not mistaken.
                      Sorry no link, but CR is a subscription site.

                      Proud to be an American!


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                        Here is a link to a binocular study completed by the Cornell Ornitholory Lab to give a standard of comparison.


                        I was surprised to see that a couple pairs of binos I had looked at and excluded for various reasons (which I will now reconsider) were rated very high.

                        The Nikon Monarchs, for example, were rated higher than the Pentax and are a good value. I had initially excluded them based on the experience with my previous pair.


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                          Pentax scopes

                          I have a Pentax 3x9x40 Pioneer scope mounted on a BAR-10. While it may not be my first choice for this weapon, it was about all I could afford after buying it. During the two years it has been on this weapon I have fired between 1800 and 2000 rounds through it. It has been carried on a four wheeler for many trips/miles and has even been used to take caribou. It is about as clear and trouble free for a scope in this price range. At 100 yds the weapon will keep three shots inside 5/8" on a regular basis. Would I put this on a different weapon to use for hunting? If it can take the abuse from being on my BAR-10 then I feel that it would do fine on about any other weapon. I have not had any issues with it fogging up or getting moisture inside of it. But that could just be this scope and others may not hold up as well. Good luck on what ever you select.
                          Good hunting


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