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  • sheep spotting scope

    Hi guys, I've lurked enough. I'm hoping for some advice on a spotting scope, primarily for sheep hunting. I'd prefer to stay well under $1k and obviously weight is a significant consideration. I'm currently looking at Bushnell Elite 15-45 X 60 and Nikon Spotter XL II 16-48 X 60. Any comments regarding the quality of this glass and the amount of magnfication I'll need would be appreciated.


    PS I wasn't sure if this was a post for gear or hunting forum.

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    If your not wanting to get into the high dollar stuff both of those will work fine. I have owned both and will say that even though they are almost identical in every way (they actually look identical) the Bushnell looked clearer to me than the Spotter XL. They have very poor eye-relief for glassing for extended periods but both will work fine for sheep hunting. I upgraded to a Leica Televid 62 this year and its amazing compared to the 2 you mentioned but yeah it cost more too. Its light enough for sheep hunting and everything else. You've 2 of the most popular spotters for sheep and its really because they are light and have decent glass. You wont go wrong with either. My warning to you, is dont look through a friends Leica, Zeiss, or Swaro or you'll want one real bad! Thats what happened to me this year.


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      First off welcome! No prob on the double post. It's outta here.

      I second what AKCub said. My partner has the Bushnell, I have the Burris spotter. These two and the Nikon are all about the same. Clear, bright enough, light weight but eye releif is lacking and is an issue for me. I have an over hanging brow and it's very easy to bump the scope with my brow. At 45x it is very annoying to say the least. I will probably sell my Burris and buy a Pentax 65-EDA. I really like Pentax glass and feel it is an excellent value. do some research. They come in around 650-700. If money is no object then check out the big three.

      Here's a review from a Birder site. Birders are, can I respectfully say...anal.... about thier optics.
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        I bought the Nikon this year and used it on a couple of bear hunts. It is great for the money, like mentioned above the eye relief is lacking and I thought it did poorly when in low light conditions, ie early morning or late evening. If money is not an option go with one of the big three. Sorry I can't compare it to any other spotters, this was my first one. I can say it held up to water and being bounced around a lot without any hiccups.

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