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  • Vortex Rifle Scopes

    Vortex binos have received great reviews but I haven't read any reviews on thier rifle scopes. Anyone have a Vortex scope and want to give a review?

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    i got one on my 22 mag, viper 2-7x...been great so far, honestly i cant tell any difference with some more expensive brands


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      Vortex 3x9x40

      I have one on my AR. It has illuminated reticle. I love it. i agree that its very very clear and bright glass. You wont be disappointed. Hillbilly


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          AK Wonderer,
          I did read an article written by a staff member from American Hunter Magazine. However, I don't remember where I stumbled acroos it. The writter gave the VORTEX a grade of "A" and wanted to give it an "A+" but need to have more history on the product. If anyone else happens to find the arcticle I would appreciate it you let me know where to find it again.

          I recently purchased a DPMS .223 Bull Sweet 16 and I'm leaning very heavy to the VORTEX Cross Fire. I want to do a little bit more resaerch on my own. However, everything I have read so far puts these scopes right in line with the high dollar scopes.

          I hope this helps.


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            Vortex viper 3-9x40

            Well, I did it! I have placed my order from camera land for this scope. I hope to get it this week. Once I have the chance to give it a good test, I'll be sure to tell everyone what I think.


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