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  • New scope for 270wsm and 300wsm

    I just got two rifles Winchester 70 Classic ss/s in 270wsm and 300wsm.
    I am thinking about Leupold VX II in 2-7X33,3-9X36 or 3-9x40.
    What do you think of Burris Fullfield II with ballistic plex reticle?
    Also thinking that Bushnell 3200( 4200 ) Elite in 1.5 x 6 x 36 might do it.
    I have an older ( purchased in 2004) Burris fullfield 3 - 9 x 32 scope (in mint condition)maybe I should mount it on 300wsm and just get new one for 270wsm?
    I hunt in British Columbia and conditions are similar to Alaskan.
    What do you guys think which line and model is the best for $s.
    Thank you,

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    Burris is great...

    I have Burris scopes on several rifles. Love them.

    Lifetime "Burris Forever" warranty is nice to have just in case.

    Excellent product from an awesome company.

    Had the Fullfield in the past. Did fine on a 300 Wby and I have the Signature on a 300 Wby now. Love it! Also have the Black Diamond on my Armalite AR50 (50 bmg). Burris Signature rings are tops in my book too. I am very happy with all the Burris scopes I own. No complaint what so ever. Zilch.

    I agree with your logic of mounting the Fullfield you have on one of the rifles and getting a new Burris for the other gun. Fullfield is a good scope, but compare it to the Signature series before pulling the trigger. Ha ha... pull the trigger...

    Check prices at Cabelas, Midway USA, and Midsouth Shooters.
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