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  • Vortex Binocular and Spotting Scope Sale

    Vortex Binocular and Spotting Scope Sale
    We are still offering this amazing value. Vortex had gotten in a batch of binoculars in the Tan Coyote version with some color imperfections in the tan rubber. Not damaged, just inconsistant coloration. We purchased all of these color blemished binoculars in order to offer them for crazy low prices. They are brand new with case, strap, caps and the Vortex VIP warranty.
    Vulture Series, Your choice @ only $159.99:
    Vortex Vulture Coyote 12x50
    Vortex Vulture Coyote 10x50
    Vortex Vulture Coyote 8.5x50
    Hurricane Series:
    Vortex Hurricane Coyote 8x28 @ $89.99
    Vortex Hurricane Coyotae 10x28 @ $94.99
    For those of you who were not aware, Vortex has two different divisions. One is Hunting and the other is Birding. Many of the binoculars are identical optically, but have different names. Vortex made some binoculars for the Birding Division in an 8x42 and a 10x42, however, they found that the 10x42 was not a big interest to the Birders.
    The Diamondback series counterpart in the Birding division is the Talon. We took all their remaining inventory of the Vortex Stokes Talon 10x42 and are offering them @ only $129.99.
    We also snapped up the Birders series top of the line binocular the Vortex DLS 10x42 and are offering it at only $399.99
    As an extra added bonus, you can add a Vortex Binocular Harness Strap at time of purchase for only $10.00.
    Lastly, we purchased the Vortex Sandpiper 15-45x65 Straight Spotting Scope and have it, while supplies last, @ only $199.99
    All Vortex items come with the Vortex VIP Warranty:
    Vortex VIP Warranty Makes a Very Important Promise to you!
    The VIP warranty is a Very Important Promise to you ... because you are a very important person to us. Each Vortex product is built to last, and unconditionally guaranteed with our commitment to your absolute satisfaction.
    You can count on service under our VIP warranty ... it is:
    VIP warranty works for you!
    At Vortex Optics, we want you to use and enjoy your optics with complete confidence ... that's why our warranty is so straightforward. Rest assured that if any Vortex Optics product should ever require service, Vortex will repair or replace the product absolutely free no matter what the cause!
    No warranty card to fill out.
    No time limit on our promise.
    No restrictions on coverage ... even if you transfer ownership of the product
    If we can answer any questions for you please feel free to contact us.
    Thank you for the continued support.
    If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
    Thanks and have a great day,
    Camera Land

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