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Spotting scopes and eyeglasses

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  • Spotting scopes and eyeglasses

    Do any eyeglass wearers have a recommendation on a spotting scope that gives a full field of view with eyeglasses? In particular I'm looking at a Leica Televid, but would like to hear about other high end brands as well. I have heard that Swaro works well with glasses.

    I currently have a burris that I am looking to upgrade and that scope is not great with glasses.


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    You need a scope that has an eyepiece with a lot of eye relief. 20mm. Look at the specs of eyepieces of scopes you are considering. Also, remember that typically with a zoom the ER gets less as you increase the magnification.

    The best ER and FOV will always be obtained with a fixed power eyepiece. You can get a true wide angle (like 70 degrees) along with 20mm of ER. But, you give up the convenience of a zoom. It's all a trade off.

    Have you ever tried using a scope without your glasses? It works well for me.
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      without glasses

      I can't even find my spotting scope without my glasses. Not an option, at least not until I break down for lasik.


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