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  • Swarovski

    I have noticed that Swarovski changes their binoulars now and then. I have seen with the older 8 or 10 power WB, SLC, in colors of green, grey, and black. Is there a difference of origin, quality, and price when considering these on sale. Thanks in advance.

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    I jumped on a "deal" for 10x42 SLCs, but they're still easily my spendiest piece of gear. I didn't have any complaints with Nikon Monarchs and one guy in our hunt was using Minox - which seemed awfully good too. When I needed a second pair of binocs, I think I could have bought Nikons, Pentax, Zen Ray, Minox or a a few other brands and been satisfied. Experienced hunters, including Joe Want (Bear Hunting Clinic, 2010) have told me stories or advised that if you get the chance, buy Swaro. Maybe nobody NEEDS Swaro glass... but using them sure is sweet. I don't find many people have issues with ANY Swaro models.
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      Swaro Changes

      Hi yea every year they change something the glass gets better and they change the housing. Yea they are all great but you can also send them in to get cleaned ans upgraded cost a little bit but I had a buddy send in his old swaro and they basically sent him a new pair of 8X30 new serial # on them and all. So if you have old warn out pair it is worth sending into them thaty have great customer service


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        I ended up with a used 8x30 SLC, buying them after a friend upgraded to the 10 x power Swarovski SLC. I later sent them in to get cleaned up at the repair center and they basically sent me a newer refubished pair back to me. I was asked by some hunters while on a moose hunt if saw that moose up on the ridge and raised up my Swarovski's and asked which one, there is 3 right there. They couldn't see the 2 calves with the cow they were looking at and I could. Swarovski bino's are amazing...


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