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  • spotting scope question

    Looking at new scope, predominatly for mountain hunting. Trying to decide between the staight or angled body style. Advice appreciated.
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    Check under the Optics forum, quite a few threads discussing straight vs. angled spotting scopes. I think the general concensus is it's mostly a matter of preference. I have an Swaro angled scope and like it, most of the time I'm using it to scan hillsides above me for critters. In that sense, if you knew you were going to use the scope mostly in the mountains and assuming mostly to look at sheep, goats, etc, then an angled scope may be easier on the neck than a straight. However, there are plenty of guys using straight scopes out in the mts as well.



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      I think the best thing to do is to go to a store that has numerous scopes. Either that or find a few friends that have different models and check them out. Angled vs straight is mostly a user preference question. There are a lot of other factors to consider though. Size, weight, adjustment knobs, quality of optics, cost, etc.

      My current scope is a Nikon fieldscope (angled) and I love it.


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        Especially in dim light...

        A suggestion I read last year, and Bob Hodson also suggested, was to try out new scopes in less than bright light. All optical systems perform best in bright light. But in dim light conditions, the better glass outperforms. Made sense to me.

        Here's one thread on angled vs straight scopes and includes comment about mountain hunting:

        Good luck.
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          Been a month man.

          Did you figure it out yet?

          Share what you learned here so others can benefit.

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