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Swarovski Spotting Scope - User Opinions Needed

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  • Swarovski Spotting Scope - User Opinions Needed

    I am going to be buying a new Swarovski spotting scope for this upcoming sheep season. Before I pull the trigger I am hoping to get a little advice and feedback from other Swarovski spotting scope users.

    I am looking at the following:

    The brand new 80ATM Scope

    STS 80 HD

    STS 80

    Eyepiece: 20 x 60

    What I am wanting feedback on is whether or not the value is there for the more expensive units. Is there enough difference to warrant buying the 80 HD over the standard STS80? For me there's only a $500 difference.

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
    Marc Theiler

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    my 2 cents.....

    I have used the 80 straight model and own the Leica Televid 77 (angled). When I was looking at scopes I had a chance to compare the two scopes side by side for many hours. Optically, I couldn't say one is better than the other. The main reason I chose the Leica was I felt, and still do, that the focusing on the Leica was more precise. I don't like the big focus ring that Swarovski uses. The Leica has two small knobs which to me makes things a lot easier.

    As far as the HD glass goes, I was told by Leica that unless i was using the scope with a camera adapter, then the HD glass would be a better choice. The extra money wasn't an issue with me at the time, but I went with the standard glass.
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      My son is a sheep guide. The spotting scope is outstanding. The clarity for the long distances will save you many miles of walking. I don't know the difference between the HD and the STS 80. He uses their 10X40 binoculars, I get to use them both when he's not guiding. Again OUTSTANDING.


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        I was told the same thing as Alaskan about the HD only being needed or noticed if using the spotter to take pictures with w digicam. So I saved a few bucks and bought the standard and have yet to regret it.

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          I have the Swaro 65mm angled HD,it is a great scope.I had the Leica 77APO for a long time until I started sheep hunting.Went with the lighter more compact scope.

          I have compared the HD and non HD models in the field and there is a difference,not a overwelming difference but you can tell.
          Have done the same with the Leica APO and non APO scopes.

          If you can spring for the HD, do it and don't look back.

          You might look at Kowa scopes also,24hour campfire optics forum has some info on some reveiws.


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            I own nothing but Swarovski optics, so it's not a matter of a choice between brands, plus I am on the guide program so I get a good discount. My primary concern was the value of the HD vs non HD. I have used and seen many non HD versions yet have not used any of the HD scopes or the new ATM version that comes out in a month or so.

            So, what I am basically wondering is whether the HD is worth the extra $500 bucks? Or is it so negligible that it will go unnoticed. I will be using this scope for an entire month of sheep guiding.
            Marc Theiler


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              It sounds as if your mind is made up and you're trying to convince yourself. The HD glass does make a difference and since the scope is an integral part of your profession I'd say that the extra money would be worth it, particularly with your discount.


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                Will you be using the scope just one month or will you use it for years to come?Might as well buy the best.


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                  I will be using it every sheep season, plus on all my other guided hunts if necessary, as well as my own personal out west mulie and elk hunts. It will get as much as 100 days in the field use. It's just that I am buying a fortune's worth of videoing and camera equipment this year, plus all the personal hunts, and then the scope on top of it, it all adds up to a small fortune. But I certainly don't mind paying for quality, just don't want to spend more for marginal value.
                  Marc Theiler


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                    go for it

                    If you're not going to be using it with a camera adapter HD isn't really necessary as has already been stated. There is supposed to be a difference in color clarity which is why to get HD if using for photography.
                    I have a feeling you're going to get the HD anyway.
                    Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.
                    - Frank Zappa


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                      Hahah, why you say that, Alasken, haha. You are probably right. I just can't help myself. Plus I will more than likely use it to digiscope some great wildlife pics, have you seen some of the digiscop wildlife photography? Some of it is amazing.

                      Have you seen the price of some of the tripods? Now, that's out of f'ing bounds. Unreal, the tripod I was looking at was $700, they are smoking crack.

                      Any opinions on a good, yet in the ball park tripod?
                      Marc Theiler


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                        My Professional Opinion

                        I have been an authorized Swarovski dealer for the past 10 years and can tell you that the HD is the way to go if you can spare the extra bucks. They will cut through the fog alittle better and you will appreciate that when spotting from miles out. I like the angled better than the straight for only one reason, you don't have to bend down as far and strain to look thru the glass. I would also recommend getting the 45x lens, enough power and a whole lot more field of view and brighter. If I can assist further feel free to send me a personal email, glad to help. Thanks for being a Swarovski supporter, great stuff.



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                          HD it is

                          HD it is. So you are recommending the 45x lens and not the 20 x 60? I really want to see the difference. I am heavily leaning toward the 20 x 60. Yes, I absolutely love the Swarovski optics. I own the 10 x42 SLC and a couple scopes and wouldn't trade them for the world. Is there such thing as an uphappy Swarovski customer?
                          Marc Theiler


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