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  • Zeiss 4x32 Conquest

    Anyone used one of the new 4x32 Conquests? I've been looking for a new fixed power scope. I've used Leupold fixed powers in the past and was pretty happy and I'm having trouble thinking of coughing up $1K for a Schmidt and Bender so I thought I'd look at the Zeiss.

    How does the optical clarity compare to the older M8 or newer FXII 4x scopes?

    Unfortunately the market for good fixed power scopes is pretty limited these days.

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    The Conquests are a NICE line scopes! I've never looked through the 4X but would figure they'd be as clear as the models I have looked through which were clearer than my VXIII 1.75-6x32.
    That being said,Leupold has shown an interest,and only an interest,in bringing out a modern version of their old 3X. If you and anyone else you know would be interested,please contact Leupold and let them know.


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      I have a scope (3x9) from the Conquest line and it is superior in all ways to the Leupold VXIII.


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        Scope comparison

        It may be different in bright light but in well lighted conditions the optical quality of a scope is generally less important than in dim light.

        I've went out on my back deck a number of times at twilight and compared a number of better quality scopes from makers including Zeiss, Kahles, Leupould, Pentax, Burris, Pecar, and Schmidt and Bender. Several of the scopes were fixed 6 power and the variables were set to six power for comparison. I compared them looking at the dark singles on a house a half block away and by picking out details under a fir tree. On the singles I tried to pick out the individual edges and features on the roof like vent pipes.

        To my surprise I haven't been able to tell a significant amount of difference under the low light conditions. The only scope that really was noticeably inferior was 2x7 Lepould for some reason.

        One comparison was especially interesting. I have two Zeiss 6x Diatel German scope - one is an older scope without the T* coating and one is a new scope with the T* coating. Under low light conditions - where the T* coating is touted as important - I couldn't tell a bit of difference!

        Note that I was only looking a optical quality under low light low contrast conditions but this is where a better quality scope should be superior.

        Mechanical constuction ond durability is another factor. I remember reading in a photography magazine 35 or 40 or so years ago when the Japanese lens were taking over the secondary lenses market that the real difference was in the mechanical construction - not the lenses quality - even the relatively cheap lenses had good glass. It appears they may be right about rifle scopes also.
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          leupold new vx3

          has anyone had a chance to compare the new vx3 to the zeiss conquest
          leupold scraped their old ones and really put alot on cool stuff on the new ones. stuff they saved for their more expensive line like the vxLs and vx-7s. Just wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of looking through the new line


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            Comparing Scopes.

            Hi, I run Kahles on my Hi Power Hunting Rifles,with the exception of a Leupold on a .270 Win Browning.
            A few years ago a shooting mate & I decided to test different scopes we own, at different light conditions similar to what others have done.
            We tested a Kahles 8x56, a Kahles 8x50,a Ziess 8x56,a Swavoski 8x56 & a Doctor 8x56.
            There wasn't a lot of difference in the daylight,the Ziess was the best ,in low light conditions,the others were also good,we then tried them over a spotlight,out to a distance, which when we measured was 700 m .(as we do a lot of spotlighting in Australia for foxes,feral cats etc). The Ziess was again the best,the others also were good. the main thing about the Ziess,it had a wider view area. So the Ziess was definately superior,also
            in low light I would leave the Leupold scope behind. Also there are still a lot of fixed power scopes in Kahles, Ziess, Docter,Swavoski,also Meopta is worth a look at.


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              Testing Scopes.

              Hi,Again .When I said we tested the scopes & the range was a surprising 700 m ,We mostly only,usually shoot out to 200-250 yrds max, over a spotlight,even though we have on occassions shot out further.
              Just thought I'd better clear this point up.


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