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  • Promaster ELX ED Binocular Sale

    Promaster ELX ED Binocular Sale
    I have been approached by many members of the hunting community about these Promaster binoculars.
    In a show of appreciation of the support we have received from the forum members we would like to offer you a $100.00 discount on the Promaster Infinity Elite ELX 8x42 ED Binocular and on the Promaster Infinity Elite ELX 10x42 ED Binocular
    What we will do is one of two things...
    *If you order directly from our web site please put in A.O.D. Special and we will issue a $100.00 refund to your payment method
    *If you phone in your order please speak with either Doug, Neil or Joel and tell them that you're a forum member and that Doug said you get a $100.00 discount.
    If there is anything at all we can answer for you please feel free to contact us. Thanks for the continued support.
    If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
    Thanks and have a great day,
    Camera Land
    [email protected]

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    I read a few very favorable reviews for the Promaster Elites when they came out this summer. Reviews said optically they perform very close to the big three.

    Now that people have had a little time to use and abuse these binos can you give a follow up report on how they have been holding up in the field? Any common problems being reported and if so is Promaster standing by their warranty?

    Also wondering how the hunting world has accepted them?

    Still think most guys don't know too much about these bino's and like me are probably a little gun shy about an unproven product. A follow up report could spark some more interest.


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      AK Wonderer,

      I guess it's sort of human nature to think if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However these binoculars appear to be the real deal. I was one of the first people to review the things. I also bought one. I have no second thoughts. That same basic binocular has showed up as the Hawke Frontier ED and the Zen Ray ZEN ED. I'm looking over the ZEN ED right now.

      What these binoculars are is what I think of as a 99.33 binocular. 99% of the top optics at 33% of the price. Put an unmarked Swaro EL and one of these side by side on a tripod, and I really doubt any but the most serious and sophisticated user would be able to tell. Not sure I could, and I've looked at lots of glass.

      The repellent coatings on the Promaster seem to work as advertised. I do not see any build issues with them, but the construction and feel is more in line with the $500 class glass.

      The focus irate is a bit slow, but that is the only nit-pick. Other than that this is the only way to go if you can't fork over $1,800 or so.



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