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    Any one have any thoughts about these. I'm going to get a set but I'm not sure if I want the 12x40 ar the 10x40's. How well do they focus at less than 50 yards? I've heard that the 12x40's are blurry under 50 but the site didnt say if the 10x40's did the same.

    Any thoughts good or bad would be great..

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    I would think the 12 power binos would be very hard to hold steady. Hard enough with 10's. Smaller field of vision also. Your probably better offf with the 10's. Should gather better light than the 12x40's also. Steiner should publish the close focus distance. Either way it's usually measured in ft. Not yards. For example the close focus on my Pentax DCF SP 10x43's is 6.6ft. The 12x50's is 11.2 ft. Far less than 50 yds. My thought would be they should be fine at less than 50yds. Probably down to about 12ft.
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      I've got a pair of the 12x40 Steiner hunting, or at least they are so marked. They are clear all the way out. Mine are one time focus, like most of them and I have to admit, it tqakes a little to get them focused right but after that I haven't had a problem. I think I've used them at 50 yards but I can't say I know for a fact, I've just never noticed. If you live in Anchorage yopu could look through mine and see for yourself.


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        Originally posted by Snyd View Post
        I would think the 12 power binos would be very hard to hold steady. Hard enough with 10's...
        I agree with you on this one. My question is between 8 power and 10. I was testing out the Leica ultravids (8x42/10x42) and the Swaro EL (8.5x42/10x42) and I have a hard time holding the 10s without the annoying "vibration". I am very afraid I will have a headache in no time flat glassing with the 10s, but I only hear about people using 10s up there. Are 8 power binos under powered?

        My this is my ignorance on the subject speaking, but most folks I hunt with use 8x42 down here for elk and whitetail.

        Help me out


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          I think it's more personal preference than anything. Some guys like the wider field of view of the 8's. Personally I really like my 10x43 Pentaxes. Between the two you mentioned you can't really go wrong. If you can use the 8.5's more effectively then it makes sense to get them. You say you can hold them steadier, they will gather more light and give a wider field of view than the 10's.

          On another note. Check out the Pentax DCF SP series. They are in the same league as the big three. Do some research and you can find reviews to verify. Pentax makes some of the best high end glass in the world. Their binos, spotting scopes and eyepieces are known in the bird and astronomy world as top of the line. The 10x43's retail for $650 or so. I got mine a few years ago online for about $425. Magnesium tubes, high end specially ground fully multicoated glass, water/fog proof, shock proof, etc. Lifetime warranty. Even a little lighter than the other 10x42's on the market.

          The big three binos might be a little better, but not to the average eye and a surely not a $1000 better in my opinion. I feel they are at least as good as the Zeiss Classic 10x40's, and I have used both in the field.
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            12 x 40

            I have used the 12 x 40's for 3 seasons now. As stated above setting the initial focus takes a little time, but once set they are great. Never had any clarity problems at 50 yards, 20 yards and under they are blurry.
            I primarily use these elk and deer hunting in Colorado where I'm glassing longer distances. When bow hunting whitetails where I need to glass closer distances I use an old 8x set.
            Overall I've been very happy with my 12x Steiners, great clarity and field of vision.


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              Lesson in bino use!

              The best way to look through a set of binoculars is to adjust your ballcap so that when you bring the binos to your face you can clamp them to the bill of your cap with your hands. With a little practice using this method it is like having 10 power eyeballs. For a little extra stability use the Crooked Horn Outfitters Bino Strap. Give this a try and let me Know what you guys think. Hap
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                Ak Steve

                I have a pair of Steiners. I'd save up and get a pair of Zeiss. I really wish I had. I have had Stenier and Zeiss side to side (in the field, on animals) more than once. I thought the difference was amazing.
                I am saving for Zeiss or Leica, and passing the Steniers down to a son. Your glass is your most important piece of hunting gear. Your spotting scope is number two.
                I'd shoot a piece of junk rifle any day (and I do!!), go semi nude in the field, and leave my toothbrush at home. Taking cheap glass to the field is a decision I regret every minute of the hunt.


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                  I've got a pair of steiner preditors 8x30's ,fixed eyepices there all I need . Never any eye strain, good detail paid 160 bucks. Must be a reason the military uses this brand, they test everything to death!! At 18 oz., rubber armored , tough to beat unless you have deep pockets, Which I don't. Bill
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                    I have the 8x steiner predator? I believe, don't care for them much at all, going to have to agree with AK Steve, I'm buying new glass this year, those will become backup, if that. The rubber eye cups move around way too much, they knock off focus far to easy for me, and they're just not as clear as I'd like. I was calling out potential moose this year and finally my buddies let me look through their bino's, one zeiss one nikon, and I could clearly see I could spot stumps and shadows like nobody's business with my steiners but that's about it, world of difference.


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