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How do the Steiner Binocs rate with ya'll?

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  • How do the Steiner Binocs rate with ya'll?

    I can get the steiner binocs on my credit at a wholesale club...any pair....are they rated close to nikon/pentax/leopold for the money? I can get a 10x40 or 10x50 or even a 12x50 for $350 to $600...different models, rubberized, police, military or regular....

    i'm hunting barren tundra, so, i gotta SEE FAR OFF!!!!...

    what do you think?

    there are no other good nikon or leopolds on my club site..

    this is my only choice!
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    You can get the Pentax DCF SP 10x43's online if you shop around for about $425. Retail is $650. I think they also have a 12x50. All reviews compare them with Swaros, Zeiss, etc. I really like mine. I was not impressed with the steiners I tested but I don't think I looked throught the high enders. I think the high enders (Merlins?) are supposed to be pretty good.
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      I have a new pair of Ziess 10 x 40ís and I like them a whole lot! I also hunt in the tundra and I can make out the over all size of animals along way off. They have allowed me to make good decisions on weather to mount a stalk that would take the better part of a day and I have not been disappointed. The cost is not that high and I really think with binos you get what you pay for.



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        Steiner binoc's ok!

        Yeah I rate Steiner;s pretty high,I;ve had a pair for about seven years and used them in both ends of the world with no problem.If you are in no need of top end optics,Zeiss,Swarovski,etc I thing they'd be a good buy.I have a pair of Zeiss 10X50's for mountain hunting but take the Steiners for everything in between and infact took them on a Thar hunt in New Zealand early this year as they are so much lighter than the 10X50's it just made sense.


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          Originally posted by jssbastiat
          there are no other good nikon or leopolds on my club site..

          this is my only choice!
          Seems like this statement alone would make up my mind! Let me know how they work, I've been intrigued by them, they look way tough and from looking through some of them in the store they seem really clear.


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            Leica or Zeiss for the ultimate. Spend the money once and you have a pair of bino's that will last you a lifetime. Stay with nothing more than 10x with an objective size of about 40-45 for the best compromise in low light use and weight. Anything larger than a 10x is simply to difficult to hold s teady. From the Pentax's I have looked through I conside them junk. The Steiners are usually better depending on the model.
            After spending many thousands of dollars over the years my bino's are now the Zeiss 10x40 FL's and the Leica 10x40's


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              They're not THE high end and you should spend as much as you can possibly afford when it comes to binos. That being said....I have used Stieners for a number of years and they're great optics. I have two pair and use them constantly. I also have high end Leupolds and the stieners work side-by-side with them. Stieners aren't Swaros but they're not $1500. either.
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