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  • Tripods

    I'm looking for a good tripod that is some what lightweight but sturdy. I will be taking it on a sheep hunt this fall but will mainly use it for moose, caribou, and bear. Something under $100 is what i'm looking for.

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    shooting stick

    I used to just cut a stick or something for a walking aid (and to shoot off of) when I went out hunting, but couple of years ago I went down to Sportsmans Paradise and purchased a telescoping shooting stick, think it was $25ish.
    It really owns, I use it for my camera now, to shoot from, and I walk with it. Don't know if I could go with a tripod, tooo long to set up and bit bulkier, the shooting stick is not quite as steady but plenty steady once you get used to it and super fast to shoot from.
    Please understand I'm not knocking tripods, but I'm notoriously cheap and I pack very light to hunt or to just go out, and don't see the stability of a tripod being much more than a sturdy stick.


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      I appreciate your input, but when viewing sheep at 2-3 miles you need something steady and solid. I've always used a tripod in the past and need one for my new spotter. I use to pack the old $35 tripod but it was bulky and heavy, I would like something a little lighter and not as bulky. I'm not looking to shave ounces off my gear but a poun or 2 would be great.


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        These guys will have what you need

        Good folks here, Tell them "A good Friend of Lloyd's"

        Rob Leahy


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          This tripod should work for you

          A friend has one of these. It is very nice and very light. It is 19 oz. and is advertised for $67. Barney's is on Northern Lights in Anchorage, but he can ship to you.


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            I just got a zeiss spotting scope for photographing wildlife here in the Nome area. I researched it heavily and found one consistency, Buy the nicest tripod you can afford. Nothing worse than a bouncing image. If you are viewing sheep at the distances you mention, a rock solid tripod is paramount. I got a manfrotto 3011 B N. It is incredible. I have never seen anything like it. Very adjustable, relatively lightweight, and of extremely high quality fit and finish. It is perhaps the most popular brand tripod out there. I am new to this myself and relied heavily on opinions from birdwatchers forums etc... to make my decision. I got the Zeiss scope and camera adapter out yesterday and made some spectacular photos of Musk Ox from over 220 yards. The manfrotto bipod had alot to do with this.
            The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.


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              I have used Cabelas tripods for a number of years. They are light weight, very adjustable in uneven terian and afordble. I just broke my older Bench model that I really liked because the panhead was NOT detachble and part of the one solid piece tripod. The newer ones have a detachable pan head that I have never been able to get the same stability out of, but they are still pretty good. I like the shorter version for sheep hunting because it works really well when the wind is blowing.
              I also had the next sized model The Compact for a long time (over 10 years) and I returned it as I had lost the panhead and Cabelas sent me a brand new tripod to replace it.
              The great thing about Cabelas is if you don't like it, you can at anytime send it back. They have always replaced my broken gear no matter how long I had the gear or how much abuse I put it through. I don't know about you guys, but for me thats worth a little extra cash

              The Bench Model has a three-way panhead and a safety quick shoe with retractable video pin. It has rhombic 20mm, three-section aluminum legs, along with a bubble level and geared elevator and elevator friction control. And it sports horizontal leg braces, non-slip, rubber-tipped feet and quick-release leg locks.
              Folded length: 11".
              Elevated height: 19".
              Weight: 25 oz.


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