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  • Trying out the Dialyt

    I finally got the Zeiss Dialyt out and about yesterday...

    I picked this one up from Doug@ Cameraland a couple weeks ago as a salemans demo model. It showed up in a week and has minimal wear and tear- a wee bit of nicked paint on the eyepiece. No worry though- by the time I'm done it will have a lot worse wear than that.

    I took it out into the Donelly/ Jarvis area and spent some time glassing for carribou sheds - found one at about 1/2 mile with the glass. I also spent a fair amount of time glassing for bears and found a few tracks in lingering snowbanks (no bears through, darn).

    I also spent some time studying the resident carribou herd and glassed the critters at a variety of ranges from a hundred yards to well over two miles just to see what the scope is capable of.

    At low power (18x) there is an odd bit of distortion at the edge of the glass- nothing significant other than its noticeable. At higher powers it vanishes. It did not effect the function and as the sun went down became less notable.

    The eye relief is not very generous and tends to be somewhat critical. I had a lot of trouble using it with glasses but no trouble without them. Compared to the Swaro 65 the eye relief isn't very good. Its a usable scope though and the glass is clear-there is a slight amount of color change as you progress up through the power range- nothing that would effect hunting function IMHO. There was a very slight amount of mirage visible at 45x- something that surprised me at 38F with a stiff breeze- but thats a function of atmosphere and not the scope.

    Real plus is its weight and size- very user friendly. I spent a fair amount of time with the scope at 18x handheld or braced across my jeep. Quite easy to check something out quickly without fumbling with a tripod.

    I set the scope on a Bogen tripod and had no problems scanning horizontally with the ball head on low power and then zooming in when I located an object of interest. Focus ring is up front and easy to operate with gloves on. For sheds I would scan at 18x through an arc of about 80deg. Change the elevation and repeat- zooming in when I saw an odd colored bit or out of place shape.

    Overall- I'm happy. Nice and compact scope with better than average optics and it appears well made and rugged with armored coating. Price wasn't heart stopping for a Zeiss and the optical quality appears better than others I've used in its price range. While the slight low end distortion and the color change might be something offensive to a bird watcher I can't imagine that Zeiss's target market of big game hunters will worry one bit about it as it would have no bearing on evaluating a legal animal or picking one up at long distance- IMHO other features make it more attractive for hunting.

    I'm ordering a Tines Up adapter for it and I'm anxious to try it with a small P&S digital camera.

    My only real gripe is the eye relief.
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    Great write up Hodgeman.
    Thanks for sharing. I saw Doug's demos and almost pulled the trigger, but the eye relief issue you (and stid) alluded too is a bit concerning for me with glasses.
    When I get the chance I'm going to demo one at a sports store.

    All in all, sounds like great glass for the $. Can't beat Zeiss' warranty either.
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