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  • Homemade ATV trailer

    All right all you DIY'rs, I cruised through this entire section and didn't see what I was looking for. Anybody out there have any plans or ideas for making a small gear trailer to tow behind my atv? Preferably strong enough to handle the weight of a bull elk. Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    I have the http://Equinox atv trailer . The Ox model has a 2 ply wall. The wall is thick and the trailer goes any where. The goose neck in front of the hitch gives you great ground clearence and has a dump lever. I bought mine at Gander Mountain, 1500 pound axel. Check out web site other models also, good luck.


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      I could take some pictures of mine. No plans but it look simple if you have a welder.
      I was going to build one but for $300 I got this one. Parts & time, don't think
      I could build one cheaper. (wheels & tires, axle hubs almost that much)
      Hauls a moose, don't know about an elk.
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