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  • Build Your Own Bow-Press

    Here is a X Bow press i finished a tested yesterday.
    I wish i had access to other presses while building my own
    (I never seen one in action before.)
    So that i would have better of an idea what i was making.
    but i live kinda far from anywhere.
    so i had to use pictures and ideas from the web.

    Here i have my Tomkat ready to get pressed.
    and the other photo of it already pressed.
    If you look at the jack you can see it doesn't take much more than 2 inches to press it.

    Here is my General already pressed

    I like how i can press the limbs right through the cams

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    Some more close ups

    here is some more photos for anybody thinking of building one.

    the back side

    I wrapped the top of jack with electric tape so it
    doesn't scratch the X
    It is simply a pipe cut down the middle halfway down pipe and then the top portion i hammered out flat


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      things i would improve

      the jack i used was a 2 ton jack
      next time i will use a tougher one maybe 4 ton not because the jack cant push up but because the smaller jack is not so strong when u crank it all the way out. its week point is side to side
      also the bigger jacks have more travel.

      The only reason i used aluminum is cause i had it left over from another project..
      next time i will use steel. eventually from using a lot the holes in the aluminum will get bigger.

      I will be replacing the bolts that press the bow with longer ones and also have em so they the threads don't chew the aluminum up.

      the main beam is a 2x2 x1/4 inch square 4 feet long
      arms are 1 1/2 x 2 x 1/8 inch ( i will be reinforcing them with metal side plates eventually)
      all the bolts except the ones holding jack down are 1/2 inch

      well all in all it will give me something else to improve

      it was a fun project.
      if i need to press a freinds bow i will just measure and drill some more holes


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        Great project!

        On the web=
        Call/Text 602-315-2406
        Phoenix Arizona


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          That was great! Thanks for the info and photos.

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