Skidoo Tundra R paddle track and seat mod



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  • Skidoo Tundra R paddle track and seat mod

    here some photos of my custom tundra
    i did a poor camo job then i put a paddle track on it inch 1 1/4.
    they dont even sell paddle tracks for tundra so i had some lathe work done and got track from a biger skidoo.
    i then geared it down and did clutch work to make it a beast.

    then i made the seat open to side with aluminum makes siting more comfortable and extra storage space.
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    another mod

    here is onother pic
    notice in pic of the windsheild the thin althread i put up to keep windsheild from bucking when going fast on highway
    next up is to eventualy strip the cheap camo job and do it right with preplastic stuff to get paint to hold.
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      What size track did you put on it (width), and what exactly did you do to the track to make it with with the lathe? Nice mod though. You might post it over at (in the Tundra section) those guys do all kinds of cool mods.
      I'm going to ctrl-alt-delete you so hard your mama's computer is going to reboot.


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        I believe this track came off a freinds 583 skidoo sumit:confused:
        its a 136 inch long track
        the lathe work my Dad and i did was for the rollers on bottom becuase the tundra track is unique in size. and the weeles would have hit the rubber grippers on the inside of track.
        siply what we did with the lathe was stick the rods holding the weels and lathed the aluminum down to were we could slide the wheels closer

        also had to replace the front track pullers in tunnel put smaller size so it would fit in tunel

        kinda hard to explain:confused:


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