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meat grinder 600 pounds an hour 1hp

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  • meat grinder 600 pounds an hour 1hp

    After stripping the gears on about 6 meat grinders i decide to make one that will run off a belt.
    so if you hit a bone if it doesnt grind it down the belt just spins and you stop the moter and turn the belt the other way and clean it.
    also with this setup i dont need to cut the meat into small chunks any more.
    as long as it will sqeeze into the 5 inch hopper you are good to go.
    i got the grinder of ebay and my Dad got the 1 hp moter in fairbanks somewere

    we mounted it on a 2x6 only thing left is to make a spring loaded belt udjuster

    i would reccomend to get a smaller version of this grinder the 32# size
    that way it dont weigh 70 pounds

    the pics are me grinding caribou
    sorry for bad quality pics

    o by the way it grinds as fast as you can load it its a lot of fun too

    How do i post big pics and not as atachment?
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    That thing is awesome! I might have to make something similar. I bet you could use an adjuster off of a car alternator belt to automatically tension the belt. Nice work!


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      Meat grinder

      Nice work and great idea.


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        My buddy has the same set-up: #32 grinder hooked up to a fly wheel and an electric motor. He said it works slick, but you really have to watch your hands around the wheel and belt or you'll get hurt.

        I've had a #32 grinder for about 8 years and have put a TON of meat through it. Moose, elk, bison, deer, antelope, and on and on. And I double grind everything. Every single ounce of that meat ground with the power of my right arm If I had room to store such a set-up, I'd consider building a similar rig.



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          Great idea , man thhat would save alot of cranking..


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            Great looking unit! now build a guard around those moving parts, you KNOW if it lops off a finger it's going to be your trigger finger!:eek:


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              That looks great!

              I've been thinking about this for a long time. When I was a kid, my dad built his grinder similar to this.
              Where did you get the flywheel?


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                Originally posted by emrdux View Post
                I've been thinking about this for a long time. When I was a kid, my dad built his grinder similar to this.
                Where did you get the flywheel?
                Cabelas use to sell a flywheel that fit their cast iron grinders. But I couldn't find it in a recent search.


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                  For sure you need a guard over the belt and pulley's. Trigger finger is right.


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                    pully came with it

                    When i bought it from ebay the pully already came with the grinder.
                    also on the pully there is theads from the side were you can screw in
                    a handle and try to crank it by hand
                    i took the handle of so it doesent hit me when it spins


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                      I got mine from Alaska Butcher Supply in Anch a few years ago. I think they called it the "polock pulley"? It has ground up probably a dozen moose or more and no prob yet.


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                        Belt drive

                        Not sure you call it a pulley. Its also nothing new, we used them in PA when I was a kid in the 50's. I have been using one here in AK since about 1974. Ground up about everything you can hunt here, Anyway here is where you can get the wheel. Also another good place to shop is This place is also in PA.


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                          Hey them wheeles cost more than then i payed for Grinder!


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