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  • Game Cam. Bear Proof Box ?

    Anyone make bear proof boxes for there game cam? I want to make a couple and need to get some ideas.

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    bear proof

    using scrape plywood cut the 6 pieces needed to make a box big enough to put the camera in. Use a hole saw or jig saw to cut a hole in the plywood for the lens to look thru.
    take the pieces of plywood and lay them flat on the ground. then run 4 inch long grabber screws in a 1.5 inch random pattern to that each board looks like a porcupine.
    put the box together using grabbers, and for the door to access the camera put a couple of hinges and a small clasp to hold the door closed.
    go to a junk car lot and get a seat belt out of a car.
    attach that to the box so you can secure it to any size tree.
    The bear will not be able to hold on to the porcupine box without alot of discomfort.
    Not sure if he will mess with the seat belt around the tree, so you may need to figure out someway to make the release just as porcupiney.
    just an idea..
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      Originally posted by Alaskacanoe View Post
      just an idea..
      And not a bad one
      I intend to try & build something using a 30 caliber ammo can because I have a couple but haven't started the project yet.
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        game cam box

        i am having jim at aurora trailers design one for me he came up with a design that is 2 steel boxes so it can be damamged he is going to sell them around 50 bucks but is going to custome make them its woth it for me since the cameras are so expensive if you want to call him hes a really neat guy 336-9111 Nick


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          I found these a while back..most makes of popular cams I like to support local but these are a good deal for the price.

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            I used one of these on my stealth cam last baiting season. it works very well. i had several griz pounce and chew on it. Its scratched up but the cam still looks new. Hillbilly


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              cuddeback cams

              the box they make is pretty good. We use on the job all the time, brownies play with it, but has never broke or damaged camera.


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                Rebar Cage

                I made this out of some scrap rebar I had laying around. No attacks on the camera last year so who knows if it works.
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                  I heard that a electrical pannel box works well. The one for my air conditioner looks to be a perfect size and it already set up to lock

                  Just cut the required holes for the flash etc., drill a couple of holes in the back to screw it into the tree and it should be ready to go.

                  I just bought two trail cams and that is what I am going to try.


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