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Make a electronic predator calling device on the cheep.

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  • fishnngrinn
    Good post Alaska Canoe. I made one too, used same stuff, MP3 player purchased at Fred M. for 15 bucks, powered by one AAA, amplifier and indoor/outdoor speaker both from Radio Shack for another $70 or so, and a mini plug to go from the MP3 to the amp. I mounted the speaker to the side of a plastic insulated jug, the other components go inside. It is water proof and you can add a hand warmer to keep the batteries from freezing up. I got my instructions from
    It was a lot of fun, like AlaskaCanoe, spent less than $100. varmintal has a variety of calls you can download for free. I loaded 10 min of silence first to give this tired old body time to get to a hiding place. Next I want to get the weasle, varmintal made an interesting alteration to the weasle. Such fun, good hunting

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  • ADfields
    I love the remote rock, and toy for a decoy! Those things drive cats and dogs nuts so I bet it would work great. Do they still have the rock speaker at Best Buy?


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  • ruvimarrow

    Could you post some pics? that sound interesting
    I too built one but am currently going to redo mine a bit.
    i got the wire less system on ebay for 20 bucks shiped and i easly get 60 feet out did not try futher yet.
    I was playing around with the wiring and cooked the Radio shack amplifiyer so i am waiting for my other one to come in mail soon.

    I plan on using a ammo box next time and might use 12 volt instead
    of 9.6 RC toy car batteries.(althogh they work pretty darn good too )
    and have it so all of it fits inside ammo case and when i am out calling just take the speaker out and set on top of case somehow.
    This way with the case you can strap it to fourwheeler or snomobile easyer.
    and will be more heavy duty too.

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  • Alaskacanoe
    homemade remote call

    I made a homemade predator call a few years ago.
    I only had to buy a $100 item to make it work like the ones that cost like 500 bucks.

    These are the items that I used to make it.

    1> portable MP3 player ( Ipod ) Stolen from teenager that upgraded...
    2> down loaded digital recordings of (dying rabbit, ravens, coyote pups, moose sqeeker, coyote howlings, distressed bird) you can get these online at some different sites. $10.00
    3> Remote outdoor speaker. I purchased this speaker from Best buy in Anchorage. it cost $89.00 It is a wireless speaker that is used to place out near your pool or in your yard in all season. it looks like a Rock. the volume control is on the transmitter that you hold in your hand,so you can regulate the volume. you can put the speaker up to 100 ft or more from the transmitter. ( I painted my rock White ) like snow,,
    4> A weasel on a ball. This is a little thing you can find at the state fair or at places like KB toys etc. It is a little ball that rolls around in a random fashion and the weasel is attached and so it looks like a animal rolling around. very life like... I painted the ball white, and left the weasel tail thing like it is because it is furry. Also confiscated from my kids old toy box.....
    5> I used a soda pop tray, made of cardboard. the type that holds 24 . it is flat with sides about 2 inch's tall. I painted this white like the ball.. so it would sit in snow and look like snow. No charge....
    6> Raven decoy.. if you have one,, I bought 3 at walmart last fall during the halloween costume sale after halloween was over for .50 cents..each
    they are real life like and I cut holes in the bottom of them so you just slip them over upright tree limbs..

    Now you download the sounds to your MP3 player. from your computer..
    then put batteries in the speaker and the transmitter.
    plug the earphone plug from the transmitter into the MP3 transmitter.
    turn the speaker on and try out your sounds, and volume..
    Now take your weasel ball and put him in the carboard flat and lay on a flat surface, and turn the ball on,,, the weasel ball will roll around bouncing off the carboard sides acting like a distressed critter..
    now that you have tested out and it works ..
    fit into a day pak and away you go,,
    I place the speaker and the distressed weasel ball in an open area next to each other ,, about 5 feet or so,,.. make sure the cardboard flat is perfectly flat so the weasel rolls around like it should. just push it in the snow level it up,,
    place your raven decoys in a couple of trees around the weasel... turn the weasel ball on and then walk to a secluded spot maybe under a tree or on a hill in brush etc. camo up in white during winter.. using wind so you don't get sented,, The only critter I have ever called in that came in that could have winded me was lynyx... they don't mind I guess.. If a coyote winds you forget it,, and a wolf the same,, for me anyway,, fox seems a little less concerned than the other bigger dogs...
    Now get set good and solid and ready..
    turn on your MP3 and adjust the volume as you play your favorite distressed animal sounds...
    I mix up the crying rabbits with some crow calls, then I might use a coyote howl and some pups yelping,, then more jack rabbit, then after a few minutes of him, and mixing in some raven, then I will go to a quieter rabbit... etc..
    the whole while the weasel is happily rolling around looking like something furry moving in distress..
    If I see something coming in that looks timid.. I will maybe do the mouse or the bird in distress,,,,,
    usually when the coyote see's the birds in the tree, the weasel going,, he does not even look around and comes straight in..
    I have made mine for about $100 bucks and I bet it is even better than some of the 500 dollar models out on the market...
    and it was fun making it,, and using it..

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  • George Riddle
    Awesome boat/camping music in the summer with the kids...

    Mybe a moose caller......


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  • ADfields
    Originally posted by trappermike View Post

    Arrowslinger knows where to find it, maybe if you pm him in the trapping forum he can hook you up. Did you ever find your speaker for yours?
    Yup I got one from West Marine, all built and sounds good.

    I have not had time to take it out in the field and see what comes in, may not till next year now. Dang responsibilities anyway!:rolleyes:


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  • trappermike

    Arrowslinger knows where to find it, maybe if you pm him in the trapping forum he can hook you up. Did you ever find your speaker for yours?

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  • Make a electronic predator calling device on the cheep.

    Well I know many have read this thread but I am sure many have no clue itís on the forum. In fact there is a bunch of threads about building a electronic predator calling device on the forum and I have not found the first as yet. If anyone knows of other threads about this link them up here please.

    Here are links to two I looked up for those who may be interested.
    Be sure to start at post number 1

    These threads have some very good Make It Yourself information in them that can be adapted to countless projects. Happy reading.


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