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    I was going to post a pic. of the one my Dad built out of a 55 gallon drum, but could'nt get the pic to work. Basicily, cut the drum length wise , cut the top and bottom circles about a third of the way down, fold the sides down for your soap and shampoo , books, gun ,lol and whatever else you can think of , and bend the head rest back where it is comfortable and the foot rest to where it fits your needs. Grind all the cuts smooth and slap a couple coats of paint on her and you have your tub. This was an outside tub at the mine. That was the reason for the gun rest, Ahh you have to build a little stand for it to. The paint job he did on his was green on the outside and white on the inside. I took many of baths in that thing under the stars. Pretty cheap tub really. E.S.
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    I guess the pic. did come out. Not a rally good pic tho


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      Outdoor bathing you say?

      That reminds me of my childhood near Prescott Arizona.

      The house I grew up in on our ranch had no running water till I was about 14. That’s when Dad and built a new huge (1100 square foot) house with a bathroom and everything. The old house was 16’ by 20’ and housed us 5 kids, my Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma for many years. The bathroom in the old house was an outhouse and a claw foot tub on a bed of old bricks to keep you out of the mud. It was filled with cold water from the spring then a fire would be built under it to heat it up. Whoever did the work of filling it and heating it up got first dibs on the clean water. I took many a bath under the stars in that tub that I very much enjoyed. I also took some baths in rain and snow that were somewhat less enjoyable.:eek:

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        I have 1 of the heavy black plastic sleds (roughly 5' x 2') that I use for 1000 things, one of which is a bath tub! and it slides right out the door after for emptying. Gotta love a multi purpose item!


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