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  • Freezers

    living in the bush and spending a ton on power to keep the two freezers that are stuffed by the 1st of sept,are 12 volt any good?any other ways to freeze?has not been to bad but the last couple yrs the weather has warmed and costing at the pump.we put up a winter's worth of meat and fish and berries and don't want to gamble on loseing them to the mid winter warmings.

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    Hey Chris,
    George formerly from Naknek here. The cost of a propane/DC freeze kills at first but might be something to look at. Susitna Energy can help with info.

    We are in Wasilla now from 30+ years in Bristol Bay.

    Talk later,



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      I have an old Servile (sp?) gas fridge that I used as a freezer in Arizona. It burned a 5 gallon tank in about a week and a half when it was 100 degrees out keeping the inside between 0 and -10. Its been sitting in the shop since I moved here as I am on the power grid up here in 2001. It takes a flame the size of a candle to keep it around 35 inside and the size of 2 or 3 candles to use as a freezer. You can even use a candle if out of gas, or any other heat source that won’t soot the coils up to bad. Its the old kind made in the 50's (I think) that is rebuildable. It was recharged with ammonia in 1993, the new ones can't even have most leaks fixed due to the way the pipes are foamed into the walls. Its about 5’ tall outside and 4' tall by 2-1/2' wide and 2' deep inside so around 18 or 19 cubic foot of usable space inside.

      Shoot me a PM if you want to make a deal of some kind on it. She is ugly as sin but I'm sure she still works, you about can't kill the old ones like this one. It treated me good enough in Arizona that I packed it to Alaska and kept it all these years even without a use for it.

      On the web=
      Email= [email protected]
      Call/Text 602-315-2406
      Phoenix Arizona


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        Can it, don't freeze it!


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