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the M.T.A.B.S. hunting seat

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  • the M.T.A.B.S. hunting seat

    I like to hunt from the ground in natural debris blinds and pop ups at times but I don’t like the available options for ground blind chairs. I hunt river bottoms that are soft ground so chair legs sink which means the need to also haul in some sort of flooring material. Couple that with the fact that chairs are clumsy to haul and expensive (Some are really expensive). I don’t care for a stool because stools offer no back rest and stools are not comfortable because of that fact so any chair I use has to have a back rest. Most stools with back rest also include arms but arms get in the way of drawing a bow so it cant have armrests. It has to be easy to carry and light weight and cheap so when its stolen, I'm not out anything.

    As part of a DIY, problem solving group, Ive been looking for a simple, low cost seat for all manner of ground hunting for spring turkey, bear, deer and things like stream-side and Ice fishing, camping, berry and shroom picking, and any other use where a ready seat would be handy. A comfy, reliable seat that we can make ourselves that is really cheap since its likely to be stolen if left unattended.

    This is the M.T.A.B.S.

    “Multi-function” (Because you can carry your lunch and thermos and other gear in and deer heart and mushrooms and berries and small game or fish out with you)
    “Tactical” (Because its painted black and its used for hunting so now-a-days, that makes it “Tactical”.)
    “All Terrain” (Because it sounds cool and it can really be used in all terrains)
    “Bucket” (Because it uses a 5 gallon bucket)
    “Seat” (Do I really need to explain this part?)

    Its made of plywood and offers a back rest. The parts fit in the bucket. Its light weight and the cost of scrap plus paint.

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    Ive been asked by people wanting to make their own M.T.A.B.S. seat for dimensions. Please accept this crude drawing.


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      That is NOT a crude drawing!
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