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The Hunting gear storage shed project

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    There is a possibility of putting vinyl flooring in the shed thanks to a relative in the flooring biz that can get me the flooring for free so we put down a layer of Ό” thick underlayment. Why add vinyl flooring to a shed?? If its free and if we would care to butcher animals inside, it will be easier to clean the floor without having to paint the floor to protect it from blood, etc. Any spills, drips, etc will be easier to clean up and that way we don’t have to paint the floor to protect it.

    Also, we got the underlayment from Home Depot from their cull wood area (purple wood) which is 70% off due to edge damage of the 4 x 8 sheets but since the inside of the shed is 11 ft 5” x 11 ft 5”, trimming the damaged edges of 4 x 8 sheets makes it a good option.

    Then we started adding shelving around the west wall (more will be added to other walls). Since the shed has 8 foot high walls a 13 inch deep shelf was added and a 9 inch deep shelf below that. This will save floor space.


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      The doors is now trimmed to match the windows.

      The back wall was covered with sheeting only half way up so small shelves can be added between the studs (still needs to be done) but the first row of shelves was added just above the edge of the sheeting.

      Double shelves were added between the windows. Like the opposite wall, the upper shelf is 13” deep and the lower is 9” deep.

      Next up will be adding tracks for storage bins that will be suspended from the ceiling (floor space is at a premium so maximizing ceiling and wall space comes first.


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        We added tracks/rails above the windows that will accept large plastic bins. This is done to save floor space. We selected clear bins so we can see whats inside without having to take them down.

        With the inside finished it was time to put the hunting gear in to see if it fits. It does. LOL

        Right now, all the stands except this one are already set up for the upcoming season. Once season closes, all the gear will have a place to call home rather than overflowing the garage.


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          We cleaned up the entire job site last night so That marks the completion of the project.

          Here are the before and after pics


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            Very nice work!


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              Indeed.... It's refreshing to see someone actually do "clean" work. At my job, and in my own house, I'm constantly frustrated when it comes to fixing other people's screw-ups. Some of the things I run into you'd think a 10 year old girl tried to attempt.....
              Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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