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Bear and deer loading for solo hunters

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  • Bear and deer loading for solo hunters

    I know every state has different laws on fresh kill transport and western states hunters do things different than midwest hunters (we are midwest hunters that bring out game animals whole to transport them to our processing setup on the farm where we break them down and process them like livestock in a clean, butcher room setting with running water, tables, etc) so we prefer to bring out game animals whole.

    Im in my 50's and hunt solo most of the time and have a bear hunt coming up this fall so my son and I upgraded my bear and deer loading gear for my truck because loading a bear or a large midwestern buck into the bed of a truck with a high bed is not an easy task for a single person. We hoped to make it easier.

    After trying and testing out a variety of methods (not a bad way to spend Fathers day working with your son getting ready for bear and deer season) We ended up with a 7:1 ratio block and tackle (freshly re-strung with 115 feet of rope) and an 8 foot (trough style) ramp to keep animals centered rather than sliding off the edge. Here is a 1 minute video of the final product and a test pull of 225 lbs (I think it was actually more than 225 since the crate corners really dug into the ramp increasing the friction) Either way, he should be good to go for any animal he kills while hunting alone.

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    Finally came upon some slippery plastic sheet stock 1/8" thick. The ramp is painted with a couple coats of exterior house paint and the plastic was added. Now to kill something and test it.


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      This works for me. No more cutting them on the ground. Sure saves on an old guys back. Keeps the critters clean as well. Just missing running water! But, that too is possible.


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