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Removable truck bed lighting

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  • Removable truck bed lighting

    The DIY tonneau has the truck bed pretty dark now so Im adding some bed lighting but I didnt care to hard wire lights to the electrical system and the battery powered kits seemed over priced and both seemed to be of singular use. I hoped to make the lights have multiple uses for things like tracking deer or when you need a road-side light or any other reason I would need a light so I made my own multi purpose bed light system.

    Here is a video detailing the results.

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    Clips are great idea! I have some "truck stop" bed lights that are magnetic and the magnet is not powerful enough to keep them in place. I tried those spring loaded broom handle holders and they worked unless I hit a hard bump which happens routinely. Duct tape worked but didn't allow the light to be removed to be used elsewhere without using more tape. Clips are great idea!
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