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Another truck bed storage solution

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  • Another truck bed storage solution

    We wanted a shallow "soft side" sort of box storage area behind the cab window. The plan is to make it about 8 inches deep so items can still be stored in the 8 foot bed of the truck beneath this storage area. When its not needed, it has to be easily removable. The first step was to design and print some saddles on the 3D printer.

    Then mount them to the inside of the truck bed.

    Then add a couple sections of 3/4" EMT conduit.

    Then sew a rectangular bag with 4 sides out of PU coated 600 Denier cordura.

    And a few brass grommets to act as drains should water get in.

    Then 4 Grommets in the corners for the bungies that came with trail cams we bought (but we dont use the bungies). We shortened the length of the bungies to a length that worked for us. This keeps everything snug and tight.

    plenty of room below.

    Some flexible closed cell foam to cushion the ride and we are good to go. No need for a lid since the new DIY tonneau cover sits right above this new storage area.

    Now we just need to make an extendable handle with a hook to act as a reaching pole to pull stuff from the front of the bed to the tailgate of this 8 foot bed truck.

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    Very nice....
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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      With the intended loads being moderately light it shouldn'be an issue, but I wonder what are the engineering properties of the printed saddles? What are the limits of what a printed part can do?

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        The material has a 6000 psi rating. If each of these saddles sees a 50 Lbs load, I will be shocked. I would have to be hauling lead bars. LOL.

        The material is more than suitable for the intended task.


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