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  • Pickup bed camping/storage project

    I recently bought a 2006 dodge ram 1500. I will be driving across country from alabama to anchorage where I will be stationed for the next 4 years. Even before I bought the truck I was planning to retrofit and modify the bed to optimize it for my hobbies and camping.

    I plan to document some of my planning and the construction on this thread. I welcome all input and observations! Again, there are some things that I will do that are adapted for my hobbies, so if you have a question about why I did something, let me know.

    So, basic plan:

    Ignore the measurements, those were rough approximations, I will be making exact cuts based on the bed.

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    First I need a topper, I wanted a basic fiberglass topper, but had a couple specifications: I need good ventilation for bird dogs in the bed and I wanted hinged windows on the side for ease of access.

    I got an A.R.E. V series topper with vented windoors on both sides.

    Here it is on the truck:


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      I had a 1995 2500 Ram I neede the same thing. I put in a bed slider on the bottom with a lifted floor above it and a futon matress on one side. I had a GSSD I used for SAR and kept an air kennel in the truck. It is important to note, even enclosed in a topper, during an accident or emergency stop, the pooch will get tossed around. If you crate train the dog first, it makes it very easy to kennel them on a trip. Just remember, the topper offers very little in insulation and the bed will suck what ever heat you have when it's cold. I did add an electric light and fan to the roof as a comfort issue. I can no leave a link, but if you google decked, that is what I had. Worked great for many things for me. Good luck and enjoy the drive!
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        My cap is higher in the back and makes it easy to get in and out. It's not there now, but I built a deck at wheel well level that had hinged doors that allowed access to the area below and it would store lots of stuff. I use an Exped 7" pad that's very comfortable and insulated so a small cat heater will keep it reasonably comfortable down to the teens...below that a wool blanket on top of the 30F feather bag is usually enough. I use a tarp off the back of the cap and never cook in there so I'm pretty sure bears will leave it alone. In the summer I usually sleep in a hammock to keep the skeeters at bay.

        There is room for two kennels for my Labs when I duck hunt and the bed is a great place to take a nap after lunch while the birds aren't flying.

        There are many ways to set it up but I've found simple is the best.
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          Make sure you have all the shot records and current vet papers for the pups for Canada portion of the trip.
          Thank you for your service.
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            I installed two lockers on either side if the bed for basic storage, ropes, chains etc.

            The lockers were cut to length, then I added a permanent spacer near the cab

            The second one is removable


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              After the lockers were built I bought the plywood for the platform itself, and I had the wife along at lowes and we decided to carpet it. I like it a lot for $15 in carpet!


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                Are you going to hinge the side compartments? And what is the plan for underneath the middle platform?


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                  I did hinge the compartments, I just haven't taken a picture. The family and I just spent the last weekend driving from alabama to montana, so I got behind on pictures, but the rig worked great.


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                    I decided to install some additional lighting in the bed,


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                      It was great on the drive up...we actually slept in the bed twice on the drive


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