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Fire pit benchs

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  • Fire pit benchs

    Some of your pitures:
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    Some assembly required? LOL
    Live life and love it
    Love life and live it


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      Yea there is a little. lol.

      Have to figure out some legs for them, ( that was the reason for posting, Grins, other ideas.)

      I could use the 4 wood post, or a plywood lined with 2xs or,,,,,,,,?


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        Update, lol.
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          Looks like you're making firewood the hard way....
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            They could very well end up that way, lol.

            Heres the update, ( I can only work on this project for a couple of hours a day before the body starts screaming.)

            The big one will be made into 3 tables if everything goes right, grins.
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              you could get a 1" rnd tenion cutter and use small logs for legs

              tried to load photo... wouldn't take



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                Thanks akgun, still trying to work the leg thing out.

                (anybody notice the face on the pedestal, I did'nt have a clue til I looked at the picture on here, lol,)

                I've tried 5 differant stains and the best one that I came up with for spruce is a "GUNSTOCK" blend, it brings out the grains and also shows the naturel colors.

                Maybe somebody that is looking at this post could post another thred about stains, and what woods they should be used on.


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                  A couple of stains. ( The little burl is Gunstock and was going to make a little lamp out of it )
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                    Newest bench,

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	P9280695.jpg
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Size:	61.4 KB
ID:	2491858Click image for larger version

Name:	PA230719.jpg
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Size:	98.2 KB
ID:	2491859

                    Sorry about the box pic. this picture thing is kinda challanging if you don't have them all in one folder.

                    Any way that is the newest bench, see how it comes out.


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                      Looking good. I like just plain old shelac.
                      Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	PB120726.jpg
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ID:	2492052Click image for larger version

Name:	PB120728.jpg
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ID:	2492053

                        A little fun with the wood.


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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	PC010738.jpg
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Size:	124.8 KB
ID:	2492113Click image for larger version

Name:	PC010737.jpg
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Size:	131.6 KB
ID:	2492112Update, lol. ( this is a temp site as to how far I can move right now and all the pieces are not close to done, just thought I'd show you the plan sorta.)


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