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    Ok, I'm back from my vacation (which was more like working...had to come home to relax)! Anyway, did some checking with PAYPAL and it appears you can send money to me via paypal, so that should not be an issue. So, here are the particulars for a pink holster:

    1. The holster in the picture is for the Smith and Wesson Bodygurad 380 with built in laser
    2. The cost for that holster would be 25.00 plus shipping, and I prefer the US Post Office flat rate boxes and it should fit in a small flat rate box.
    3. If you want a holster to fit a different gun than the one I have listed, let me know the make and model number, and if I have that particular gun, I can make one to fit your gun. I have a various assortment of pistols / revolvers.

    I'm actually traveling next week to Haines, Alaska for work. So I will not get to this project until the week after (March 19th). And I have to order the leather, as the leather I have in stock is not the proper thickness to make a good hoslter.

    So let me know!


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