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FOUND - Shotgun & Case near Palmer

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  • FOUND - Shotgun & Case near Palmer

    Yesterday, I found a shotgun in a hard case along the Glenn Highway near the State Fair Grounds in Palmer when driving to work. The case was unlocked, had no owner information outside, nor was there any found inside. I did find an Alaska Air tag inside, but the signature and date information was not filled out.

    All contents appeared to be intact, and thankfully it hadn't been run over by any of the vehicles that passed it by before I stopped and picked it up.

    Should this weapon be yours, please contact the Palmer Police Department. I took it there and left it with an officer after work last night. You will likely need plenty of documentation to prove it is yours.

    I am purposely leaving the brand, gauge and other identification items out of this post to prevent the wrong person from claiming this weapon and will not disclose it via PM. I can only hope that it finds its way back to the rightful home.

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    Probable someone left on the bumper leaving the gun show. woops.
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      FOUND - Shotgun & Case near Palmer

      I highly doubt it was in the road since the gun show over the weekend. I drive this stretch of road daily and it wasn't there before the 21st.

      If anything, it was from someone leaving the motel near the Noisy Goose on Wednesday morning.


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        No biggie, it's only a GUN. It's not as if it was something important to keep track of, like a latte or something.:rolleyes:
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