Spear Fishing around the Anchorage Bowl



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  • Spear Fishing around the Anchorage Bowl

    Hello, new to the Forum as of today. Figure I'll introduce myself.. I am a 16 yr old guy who loves spending time outside. Fishing is by far my favoriteroud: I do tend to hunt occasionally. Now on to the point.. I am wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas on where i could go free diving around the Anchorage Bowl Area... I've searched around, but I can't seem to find anywhere worth the travel so far. I love to spear fish, but I have yet to do so in Alaska! If anyone has any tips on the basic regulations in AK for spear fishing, or any places that would be good to try out I would greatly appreciate the input! Thanks in advance

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    For freshwater spearfishing I believe northern pike are the only legal species.
    In the saltwater the diver must be completly submerged but spearfishing is allowed.
    I would look for some lakes with northern pike in them as a place to start.
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      Thanks for the info, and I'll look into some lakes w/ Northern Pike and tell you how it goes


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