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Dive shops/fill stations?

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  • Dive shops/fill stations?

    Any on Kenai Peninsula? Or only options in ANC?

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    Just curious if you have been getting any responses offline about this?
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      I was just looking and did not find anyone down there that would have a shop. There maybe someone down in that area that has a compressor for tanks but as far as I know the only place that can do hydro's is in Anchorage. I thought there was a shop in Seward but could not find a listing. I would contact the company that does hydro's in Anchorage and ask them if they get tanks from anyone in your area besides fire department.
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        Fire Control Systems did my last hydro.. but you better bring your wallet! They tried to charge me 92 bucks for a fill on it too as it was "medical" grade air.. I told them to empty the tank cause there was no way I was gonna pay that kinda money for a tank jam.. There was a place on Panoramic that was jamming tanks for awhile but I don't know if they are still there or not. If I could still get my fat a$. into my dry suit I would be looking for a compressor to jam my own tanks.


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          A high school buddy of mine used to dive out of Homer all the time, so there must be a place down there somewhere. Maybe call city hall...I would think they should know?
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            Never had any luck finding local fill station. I live near Panoramic, will have to ask around to see if I can find a friend!


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