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  • Welcome to our new Diving Forum!

    Welcome to our newest forum, Alaska SCUBA diving! I thought I would get it started with an account of a dive I did out in Resurrection Bay some time ago.

    I used to have a 17' vee-hull aluminum boat that, surprisingly enough, performed pretty well in rough water. Three of us headed out from Seward to Fox Island, where a wreck is known to lie. The wreck starts at about 30', and runs downslope to I think about 80', if memory serves. At any rate, on our way out there we noticed a boat that appeared to be anchored in deep water, on the approach to Fox Island. I had heard that there was a pinnacle out there somewhere, that came to within 80' of the surface, but the lack of electronics on my boat made it impossible to locate. The dive tables give you 40 minutes at 80' before you have to decompress, so I pulled up next to these guys and found out that sure enough, they were anchored on the pinnacle, with a reading on the depth finder of 84'. They were just leaving, so we tied off on a nearby buoy that someone had left out there, anchored to the pinnacle. The couple I was with didn't want to do a deep dive, so over the side I went, solo. I descended the buoy line to 80', but still was not on the bottom. I could just see the bottom through the murk below me. Thinking that the line on which I was descending must have been anchored down current (and downhill) from the top of the pinnacle, I let go of the rope and swam forward, hoping to catch the upslope and remain at 80' where I would have plenty of time to shoot some fish (I was spearfishing). But I forgot to add air to my BC, and quickly sank to 130' as I was swimming. At that point I could see the bottom and it was covered with large fish . A larger kelp greenling detached itself from the bottom and swam up to me. I poked at it with my hawaiian sling as I punched out for the surface. Too deep.

    The current along the bottom was running into the bay, but as I approached the surface on a free ascent, it switched to a surface current going the other direction. By pure chance I surfaced right behind the boat and scared the ** out of Dwayne and Lori when I grabbed the transom. The entire dive took ten minutes; right at the no-decompression limits.

    I have always wondered what lived on the pinnacle, and have always wondered if I will ever make it back out there for a dive, but I never did. Alaska is truly a diver's paradise. The true "last frontier" is below the surface of our ocean here, where it is entirely possible that the seascape you are looking at is being seen by human eyes for the first time. Ever.

    Michael Strahan
    Site Owner
    Alaska Hunt Consultant
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    Hey Mike, thanks for adding this section. I do some free diving/ spearfishing here in CA . I will be moving to Homer in June, and looking for some spots and people to dive with. Hopefully this forum will take off. Thanks again!


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      I also am hoping this Forum takes off

      I've mostly got history stories, but have Scuba Dove Alaskan waters from Ketchikan, harvesting Abalone,....(Hmm, Hmmmm)
      to the end of the Aleutian Chain, (well not quite the end, but a long ways out there)

      and we do have, some pretty unique Diving Country,...

      Now, if I can just remember where those spots were,...

      One of the Very Best Experiences Ever, underwater, was also just outside Seward
      Trying to find something to do, mid winter, I also had to go Solo,
      Drove to Seward, out beyond the end of the road there (this was quite a while ago)
      walked in from the beach

      and just cruising around, some 60 ft. down,...kinda poor visibility, for depth darkness I guess, I was right down on the bottom
      about arms length above the muddy sand there

      When a Huge Halibut, my experience, this was a 150lb plus fish,... (looked HUGE through my mask anyway)
      Kicked up out of nowhere, from having been totally camouflaged and buried in the sand,...
      I was right on top of her, before she got nervous,...and just lifted herself out of the sand with a few mellow strokes of her muscles

      I was so surprised, as it must have been about 30 inches away from my mask, and I hadn't seen anything there at all

      Reigning in my surge of adrenalin,...I'll never forget the awesome sight of that fish,..just cruising gently away from me
      Followed her for a while,....amazed that she was apparently not really having a problem with all the noise and awkwardness
      of a Scuba Diver following,..

      Until at some point,...with just a minimal stroke of effort,...that huge Fish,...just disappeared into the darkness

      Experience of a lifetime, for a professional Halibut Fisherman, see one in it's element like that

      Humbling,....and worth all the effort and money to pursue the Underwater World of Alaska, that one experience
      Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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