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    Just a question for the masses. We have had a remote pre world war two (so Federal land) gold mine that my parents should have patented (Whole other discussion). Recently the state has asked for me to get a mining license. It is now a recreational mine. The State makes no difference if we mine recreationally or commercially. The license does not cost anything. Since we have never had to get a license I am curious how many of you on your claims that you work recreationally have a mining license?

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    The feds are going to mess with you if you don't get one.

    The rules have changed alot in the last few years, this might be one for Vince to chime in on. We sold ours about 12 years ago, but I think Vince has his up to date. The changes were coming fast and furious around 1995, sold ours in 98, and they just keep getting more and more restricted.


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      I have seen this happening. When I threatened BLM with having to build another structure just to store the paperwork necessary on site they freaked out. It is like they want to paper work you to death so I will give up.


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        Thats what they want you to do. If you have an old claim make sure that you keep up on the paperwork or they will find a way to take it from you.

        One thing you might want to do is get on the ALASKA GOLD FORUM, there is alot of good info on there,( hav'nt been on there for awhile, but I think the website is www.alaskagoldforum if not type it in a search engine, hope this helps.


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          Another really good prospecting forum:

          "I love my's the government I'm scared of"


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