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for prospecting sand/gravel bars, how bout post hole digger with 6.5 honda?

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  • for prospecting sand/gravel bars, how bout post hole digger with 6.5 honda?

    I have alot of sand bars to prospect and thought about this to just punch several holes 3 to 4 ft deep...but wondered how it would work on the sand bars with rock up to 3 in in diameter...looks like i might have to take the top 6 inches of loose rock off around the auger bit to hit the compact sand/rock.....ideas.....

    i've seen a 2 man post hole digger, wonder what size honda that would take? 10hp?

    any idea of how deep a 6.5 hp would dig in a wet sand bar?
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    I have never heard of anyone using a gas powered earth auger for this but it could work. Hand held post hole diggers have been used many times with good success by some. There is also a core drill made with a chainsaw motor that would probably work good. ifferent brands work differently but some have trouble on real rocky gravel.
    If your just looking for random samples the post hole digger would be worth a try.
    If your goal was a more detailed sample you would be better off with a different method.
    with a gas powered post hole digger you would be able to pan the material and find some gold but would have no idea at witch layer it is at. For example if 90% of the gold in one sandbar was at 2' deep that is where you would want to concentrate you efforts from the 1'6" level to the 2'6" level and pitch the rest aside rather than taking the time to process it. Of course most times you don't need to be that detailed.
    If you had one to try for free or at least relatively cheap I would give it a try. If you had to buy one new I would think long and hard first and maybe try a hand post hole digger.
    There is also the PVC suction tube such as the Chucks Gold Trapper or homeade versions if there was some water in the hole. 3" rocks are a bit much for one of these though.
    Whats the price of the Honda powered post hole digger? That would ultimately determine the value of the idea ie how much gold you need to find to pay it off. Unless you have other uses for one.
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