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My New Homemade Sluice Box

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  • My New Homemade Sluice Box

    I have almost finished my building my new sluice box. It is 68" X 14 1/2" X 7" and weighs in at almost twenty pounds. Its a monster! I built it just to have a winter project and because I had a large enough piece of aluminum that I could. Don't know how well it'll work but I can't wait to find out! Any ideas on how best to use this sluice is very welcome.
    Heres a photo.

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    Six Mile Creek on the Hope Road in about two weeks. Nice work.
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      Your doin great get rid of the handles too heavy I'tll fit perfictly in the back of my wheeler I got a claim in hope give the wife a spankin & th3e kid a kiss....


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        Glue some of the black rubber mat in the top. Then cut out some of the ridges. It stops the gold and motivates you when you are in the good stuff.
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          AGL4now, I've always wanted to go to six mile creek. Never made the trip though. I'll have to talk it over with the wife. That saturday would be a good bet though!!!
          fshrman, enjoy the jim bean, I'll probably swing by at some point.
          dirtofak, thanks for the advice on the black matte. That stuff works great! I have found it a bit difficult to locate it wider than twelve. I have as of late just been thinking of buying a 12X12 inch piece and halving it. Thanks again!!!!


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            Try your local hardware store, lowes, home depot or a carpet store. I got mine at a hardware store. It was 36" wide and the lines ran length wise. Only needed a yard of it and cut it to fit my sluice box. HTH

            Gun Runner


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              Thanks gun runner. I got some low profile indoor/outdoor carpet to go under my miners moss. I couldn't find any rubber matting, I'll have to keep checking every few weeks. Thanks again.


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                Rubber matt

                I bought some rubber matting and miners moss a couple of years ago from Alaska mining and diving in Anchorage.
                Let us Know how you do once your sluice is in the water.
                Are you a GPAA member? that would give you some more options. I am wanting to try the new claim the Kenai chapter guys have in cooper landing again this year.
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                  I am not a GPAA member. My wife dosen't see a point to joining when there are the public mining areas, and then all our friends with claims. I'll just have to keep trying


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