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  • Gold Panning 101

    Hey all,
    I travel a lot on a few select remote rivers during the summer months and recreational gold panning looks like it may be an interesting hobby to get into, never tried it before. So what kind of equipment do I need to get started besides a gold pan? by the way which brand and model of gold pan do you recommend. Thanks in advance.

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    You will need 2 pans minimum. One with deep ridges, green, and one with a wide bottom, black. The green one is for working through material looking for a good place to dig. The black one is for cleaning up concentrated black sand. Then you will need a grader, looks like a pan except it has a mesh in the bottom, with 3/8"-1/2" mesh. At least (1) 5 gallon bucket, the more the better. A good shovel, pick, and rock hammer will make life easier. Then you will need a sluce box or similar method for working large ammounts of material.

    A pan is for finding gold, not finding a lot. Once you find gold in your pan and decide you want to spend some time there break out the sluce box. 1 sluce box, 1 pan, 1 shovel, 1 pick, 1 grader, and 3-4 buckets can keep 3 people busy all day.

    Once you find gold you will need something to put it in. It is good to have a sniffer bottle and an assortment of viles. Oh and don't forget the camera.
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      GPAA Site.......Gold Fever????????????????

      Check out this site, it has alot of good info and details of what you need and how to use it: GPAA
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        No gold fever, just exploring more interests, might even take it up as a hobby. Panning sounds like it may be fun to do, low investment in equipment. Back in 1991 I was in Fairbanks and there was a small store that carried a bunch of mining stuff like pans, picks, shovel and books, etc. Believe it was out on the road somewhere. Anyone familiar with the store? Kinda remember it being in a Quonset Hut. An older lady managed it back then. Been a few years so the memory is a little cloudy.


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