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    I am a newbie to gold prospecting, and all I have talked with have told me to try known bearing areas. Thus far I have found color and a few flakes . So far, so good, but my question is: Does anyone think it would be worthwhile to pan below Exit glacier? Not allowed to dig in the park, but panning is allowed.

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    Glaciers move tons and tons of material from place to place. Much gold has been found in The Northeastern states that was deposited during the withdrawal of the ice cap/glaciers.
    IF the ground under the glacier is solid enough to prevent gold from penetrating down to the bedrock, is should shift out the bottom of the glacier. I would just try it....


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      Tnks Bravo, my thoughts exactly. Additionally, the Exit has receded so rapidly that I am thinking that the gold, if any, my not have had time to settle. I asked the ranger last year and she said it was OK but no digging, andshe had not seen anybody try it. Also, it should be noted that the long trail to the top of the glacier was being rebuilt and they were doing some blasting on the side of the mountain. Couldn't get close, but through the glasses, it looked like some white streaks through the black rack where they were blasting. Quartz????


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        Down, that area is part of the Valdez vein... you may find something in there. But there is a old gold mine on the top of the mountain by Fulls Creek. Check that area out or walk to the top. A guy found a 2.8 oz natural nugget in that area 5 years ago.
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