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Nome Creek out of Fairbanks

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  • Nome Creek out of Fairbanks

    I would like to take my kids and do some camping and try some panning on the trip and we were thinking of Nome Creek. Any thoughts on what we can expect and any hints for first timers would be thankful.

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    Never been there, but allways wanted to go and check it out. This may help you, try googling "panning nome creek alaska".

    Have fun!


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      you will find some gold at nome creek. the big dredges pretty much cleaned the area but the BLM went in and dozed alot of the tailings to make access. I have sluiced there and found a few colors after a little time.

      The key to success up there is moving alot of material... that is not in the creek. I classified off the top of the bank where the dozers scraped and did ok with about 7 colors only from a few buckets ran..

      Some people go up there and dont find anything and complain about how much crap it is up there. I went my first time and found some gold. Definately wont pay for no equipment from gold up there but its still nice finding some in the pan.


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