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  • where to sell?

    hey guys and gals
    i am in anchorage and i was wondering where to sell what gold i have found? i do not have as much as i would like but i do have a varity or nuggets and small stuff. was wondering where i could sell it. some of the nuggets i think might make nice pendants but they are rough but are very pretty. i got lucky last year and found a small hole that i broke oprn and found about 2 oz. any help would be appreciated thanks jeff

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    Oxfford assaying in anchorage will buy your gold. If you think you nugget stuff is good jewlery size have them give you a qoute on what each piece is worth, you will make more money selling your nuggets to a jewler then a smelter.


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      thanks for the reply sleddog i will try them.


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        You'll get more money selling it on Ebay as Alaska Gold. Oxford buys the stuff but they don't pay the most. I've gotten as much as 150% of spot price on Ebay.


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          Depends on the size of your gold. Flour gold and small flake would go for near spot; nuggets depending on size. Large nuggets, over 1 oz could go for 3x spot, smaller nugs less.


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            My last lot of Nome beach gold sold on Ebay for 127% of the spot price that day. That stuff is as small as you can get.


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