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Need info, equipment, on working Nome beach gold

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  • Need info, equipment, on working Nome beach gold

    Ok, I teach and have summers off. So, have researched some and it seems that i can run a beach box on the Nome beach without a claim, but, cannot camp there anymore. I have a 4 wheeler also I will ship there and purchase a small trailer. So, I would like to do this as my summer vacation, which usually costs me $1000's of dollars!

    But, I"m looking for friends to work with, equipment to purchase (panning setup and beach box, or something other if you know what I need...oh, a trailer, etc)...books, info, etc....

    Feel free to make suggestions, call or email me. I'll be there the first of June

    I really need a place to stay/camp. If you have ideas of another area, hey, I"m up for that too!

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    You can still "tent" camp on the east beach. They just started cracking down on the people that were dragging plywood, shipping crates and pallets out there. It was quite the site. They also are running the squatters off of the west beach. While that is owned by the Alaska Gold Company they have never bothered people that are beach mining up to the high tide/water mark. They are evicting the few people that thought they could build shanties and cabins out there.

    Beach mining equipment is easy to build. Attached a pic of my setup. I built the sluice and hopper box out of materials I found on the beach. I did bring my own pump, hoses and mattings for my box.


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      Thanks! Where do you get your materials, mattings, etc..

      I think I might just build my own also...of the plans I have seen, yours is a simple and popular one...But, IF I could find a prebuilt one, I would like to get it, I"m pretty busy teaching and getting ready to move to St. Michael.

      I've read that some are using astro turf mats with the carpet and the miners moss below it to work like a triple method for the small grains of gold....Ever used the astro turf?

      so, it looks like you have a top hopper that you dump the large material in, the big ones run off the top and the small material flows into the 2nd hopper below it where your mats are?...

      how much is the bottom hopper offset from the top? or how much does the bottom stick out past the lower end of the top hopper? make sense? it seems like the bottom would only need to be like an inch past the lower top end, so the large stuff goes over the side and the fine material would run into the lower hopper with the water...

      Ok, so, i understand the concept so far, the fine gold gets trapped in your carpet, miners moss, etc...BUT, how do you retrieve the gold from your carpets? how often do you have to clean them out? every three 5 gl buckets of material, etc?


      I'll ask you later about exactly WHERE on the beach to go...of if you know of a good book, let me know! Hehehe, Or I'll buy you dinner one evening if I can watch you work yours for a day!
      Scotty in the AK bush


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        How bout a Homelite 2 in trash pump for $100?

        Ok, I'm new, need to go cheap as possible. Will a homelite 2 in trash pump do me ok for my first year of beach prospecting?

        Any ideas? I am on ebay and they seem to have some good prices under $250....
        Scotty in the AK bush


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          A 2" Homelite will work fine. 3 or 4 horse. You'll need at least 50 feet of hard suction hose. If you don't have that you constantly be fighting the waves throwing your footvalve back up on the beach. I had a rope and big piece of metal tied on the end of mine.

          That design I posted was one I used about 10 years ago. My new box is about a 2' wide and 5' long. I'd probably just use the 3M miners moss in the whole thing. The outdoor grass carpeting works okay but the miners moss works better.

          I cleaned up about every 3 to 4 hours. Don't know how many buckets that would be as I just shoveled straight into the box. I moved the box as the tailings built up and the ground got worked.

          You can buy a prebuilt box I guess but I don't know anyone that's building one just for the beach. The best commercial built one I have seen that might work is the Honcoop Highbanker. I think it's the H14. It has two sluice on it. One on top and one on the bottom. I took about 1 hour to build my box and the total cost I had into it was around $50 for the matting, screen and pvc fittings.


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            Stiffneck, I appreciate your help

            Thanks man!

            will you be nome this summer?

            What do you use once you run your material on the beach? i guess you call it cleanup?...are you washing your moss out into a 5 gl bucket then running it through a little sluice, gold genie, etc?
            Scotty in the AK bush


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              The top box ends about 2 inches short of the bottom bottom box. However the expanded metal on the top box extends out and over the bottom. That allows you to rake the rocks and stuff off with your shovel.

              I just use a standard Garrett gold pan to work my cons with. However, I don't spend a lot of time on the beach working the cons. Once I've got the most visible gold out I dry the cons out, box them up, ship them home, and then work them more at the end of the season. I use a Gold Screw Spiral Panner for that.

              You don't want to spend a lot time panning when you could be shoveling. Before you ever set up your box you need to test pan the area your going to work in.


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